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how your kitchen can attract home buyers

How Your Kitchen Can Attract Home Buyers

Kitchens have always been one of the most popular selling points of houses. In fact, studies show that
80% of home buyers decide on a purchase based solely on the kitchen!

If you’re looking to sell your house in the near future, consider investing in a kitchen makeover. Home
and kitchen renovation experts in Sydney have all agreed that a kitchen renovation is a great way to
boost your home’s market appeal and attracts more potential buyers.

Here are some ways your kitchen can influence a future buyer.

kitchen renovations Sydney
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Helps you Stand Out

Potential buyers go through dozens of homes each day so you really have to stand out! An
updated kitchen with easy living features such as soft-close Blum hinges or eco-friendly
appliances can easily make a difference when it comes to closing that deal.

If you have the space and the money, kitchen islands are a safe investment as it is still one of the
most sought-after kitchen features. Have great tiling installed not just for your backsplash but for
your floor as well!

kitchen renovations Sydney 2
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Shows Signs of Home Management

Future homeowners will be on the lookout for homes that require only minor renovations and
have been maintained well by the previous owner. Since kitchens are typically the most used
room in the house and are often the most expensive ones to repair, potential buyers will use
kitchens as a means of judging the rest of the house.

When buyers see worn flooring, they’ll think of all the money they have to shell out for repairs and
maintenance not just in the kitchen but possibly everywhere else in the house. An organised and
well-maintained kitchen gives them a good indication about the condition of the rest of the

kitchen renovations Sydney 1

Gives an Idea About Future Family Life

For most people, the kitchen is the centre of the home. As such, it’s what sets the tone and
establishes how family life will be. A warm, inviting kitchen with lots of open spaces and natural
light will definitely be a good place for the family to spend time in whereas a dated, dim kitchen
will generally be avoided.

Increase your home’s property value by giving your kitchen a quick makeover! Our dedicated team of
experts can make anyone’s dream kitchen come to life. Give us a call to discuss your ideas for your
new kitchen and put your trust in the best custom joinery and kitchen renovators in Sydney.

creating a child-friendly kitchen

Creating a Child-friendly Kitchen

These days, the kitchen serves more than just a place to prepare food.  It’s become an interactive space where families can unwind and spend time together as they prepare and enjoy a meal. Because of this, more and more homeowners are shifting towards creating child-friendly kitchens to promote family bonding.

The problem most kitchen renovations in Sydney face, however, is how to marry functionality with aesthetics. If you’re planning your own kitchen renovation, don’t fret! Here’s what you should keep in mind when creating your own child-friendly kitchen.

kitchen renovations in Sydney 3

Incorporate flexibility
Perhaps the biggest obstacle homeowners and kitchen designers face is building a kitchen that grows along with the children. Your kids won’t stay young forever and a good kitchen renovation lasts 10 years on average so you’ll need a custom kitchen design that works with your family no matter your kids’ ages.

Custom joinery is a great way to address this concern. Having base cabinets installed is a quick fix as it gives you a place to put items within your children’s reach while they’re young (such as sippy cups, snacks, etc) and can be used for miscellaneous storage as your children age.

kitchen renovations in Sydney 1

Think about accessibility

Accessibility is dual in nature. You’ll want to think about what your child should have access to (such as snacks, kids’ dishes and utensils, etc) and what they shouldn’t (fragile china, certain appliances).

Strategically think about varying heights when it comes to planning your kitchen. We suggest planning a “kid zone” which serves as your children’s designated area and an “adult zone” for older members of the family. Your adult zone should have a higher prep area, like a kitchen island, that’s reserved for tasks such as chopping or housing appliances like coffee makers.

kitchen renovations in Sydney 4

Designate a kiddie area
At the end of the day, your child should feel like a welcomed member in your kitchen! Dedicate an area that’s just for them.

Your kid zone can include a study nook and a lower prep area, such as a pull-out counter, so they can help out with small tasks such as mixing and washing the vegetables.

Using chalkboard paint on your walls or cabinets is also a great way kids can express their creativity while offering a unique point-of-interest in your kitchen.

kitchen renovations in Sydney

Anticipate accident-zones
Kitchen-related accidents are nothing new but they can be avoided. Think about potential risk factors and plan around it.

Store “dangerous” items like sharp knives and cleaning agents in your top cabinets. To minimise burns and scalds, we suggest investing in an induction-type burner. Unlike conventional gas burners, induction hobs only heat up directly beneath pots and pans, creating a smaller danger zone for you and your young children.

kitchen renovations in Sydney 2

Plan for easy clean-up

Cooking with kids will always mean spills – that’s part of life! But the stress of cleaning up doesn’t have to be. Opt for easy-to-maintain kitchen countertops like quartz, corsian or Smartstone. Porcelain tiles, both for flooring and for backsplashes, are a smart choice as they’re easy to wipe down and clean. For upholstery, consider leather or adding slip-covers for quick washing!

Make your kitchen a family-first area and create beautiful memories with your kids they’ll surely treasure. Talk to one of our kitchen designers today and begin work on your child-friendly kitchen.

5 requested kitchen features according to pros

5 Most Requested Kitchen Features According to Pros

Badel Kitchens and Joinery
At Badel Kitchens and Joinery, we know how overwhelming kitchen renovations can be. We asked our top kitchen designer on the most requested Sydney kitchen renovation ideas to make decision making easier for you!

homeowners’ dream kitchens

1. Island

Kitchen islands still remain to be the most requested feature in many homeowners’ dream kitchens. The reasons for this vary from wanting it to be the kitchen’s focal point to providing extra prep space or storage.

Talk to our pros about the best shape, size and layout that suits the available space in your kitcen!

Large single sink

2. Large single sink

Most homes these days come with a double-basin sink but surprisingly, more and more homeowners are requesting for a larger, single-basin one instead. More clients are opting for one large sink around 76 – 84 cm wide and 23 cm deep. The simple reason? Because double-basin sinks can’t hold their pots and pans!

Consider making the switch and go for a stylish, deep single-basin sink in your kitchen.

Roll-out shelves

3. Roll-out shelves

It’s common to hear of home owners wanting more storage space for their kitchens but the number one request we get is for roll-out shelving! While a walk-in pantry is a top ‘want,’ it’s not always feasible due to space and budget limitations. A great way to get the accessibility of a walk-in pantry without giving up so much space is to have your kitchen designer install roll-out shelving in your cabinets.

Roll-out shelving removes the guesswork of figuring our what’s behind the first row of items and makes it easier for you to see the entire contents of your shelf with just one pull. It also allows you to better organise your pantry and gives you better access to your ingredients.

Our experts can have customised joinery installed in your kitchen that maximises the available space that perfectly balances style with functionality.

Professional kitchen range

4. Professional range

These days, more and more clients are becoming more adventurous and inventive when it comes to cooking. Fulfill your gastronomic dreams with a professional-level range in your home!

Bosch has a wide assortment of ranges available, both for gas and induction types, to suit your specific needs. Consult with our professionals to find out your best options.

Coffee bar

5. Coffee bar

Mornings are not complete without a great cup of coffee. In 2017, a coffee bar was one of the top requested features for kitchen renovations in Sydney!

Get the feel of an artisan café in your home and ask our experts to create customised joinery for your kitchen that can store your coffee/espresso machine, mugs and add-ons like sugar, creamer, etc. Not only will a coffee bar elevate your mornings, it can seriously elevate your kitchen’s style as well!

Get the best kitchen in Sydney and begin plans on your kitchen renovation. Enquire about our services and consult with our experts now!

kitchen improvements you can do before the holidays

Kitchen Improvements You Can Do Before the Holidays

Sydney kitchen design

The beginning of the holidays brings about more get-togethers with friends and family! Whether you’re entertaining your guests at home or preparing dishes to bring to someone else’s, your kitchen will surely be seeing an influx of activity!

Here are some Sydney kitchen renovations and improvement projects you can squeeze in before the holiday festivities.

Sydney kitchen design 4
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New countertops
Christmas is often synonymous with desserts, especially Christmas cookies! Make baking and prep work a breeze by giving your kitchen countertops a much-needed upgrade.

If you love cooking and use your kitchen frequently, it’s a good idea to invest in a countertop that will withstand the constant wear and tear from frequent use. Opt for a sturdy countertop that’s resistant to heat and stains such as quartz or engineered stone like Caesarstone.

Talk to a professional kitchen renovator and discuss which countertop material is best for your personality and lifestyle.

Sydney kitchen design 5

Fresh paint  
Paint does a great job at giving kitchens a fresh look! Amp up the sunshine in your home and go for brighter, lighter colours which also help create the illusion of a bigger space. White is always a good paint choice but if you’re more adventurous, light yellows and greens can help bring life and character to any kitchen.

Sydney kitchen design 1

Stylish light fixtures
An easy way to dramatically change the look of your kitchen is to install new light fixtures. Pendant lights that hang above your kitchen counter do more than just add style – they help illuminate the counter, aiding in your prep work and cooking.

Sydney kitchen design 2
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Upgraded cabinet hardware
Give your kitchen joinery a quick makeover by changing your cabinet hardware. If you haven’t already, switch out your old cabinet and drawer hinges with soft close ones (such as these ones from Blum) which prevent your doors from slamming shut.

Sydney kitchen design 3
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State-of-the-art appliances
Christmas is perfect to spoil yourself with the appliances you’ve had your eye on for a while now! Get that new blender or juicer, invest in a good mixer or upgrade to a bigger refrigerator. With the holidays just around the corner, you’re sure to be using them more frequently.

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Eye-catching backsplash
Make your backsplash your kitchen’s new focal point and have your kitchen renovator quickly install a new backsplash. With so many materials, patterns and colours to choose from, it’s bound to be a great way to inject your personality into your kitchen.

Squeeze in these quick kitchen renovations and improvement projects before the holidays and wow your guests during your Christmas get-togethers. Talk to one of our kitchen renovators and discuss your ideas today!



10 Kitchen Built-Ins You’ll Want for Your Home

Sydney kitchen renovation

Have you been dreaming about a new kitchen or flipping through Sydney kitchen renovation magazines for some inspiration? We’ve got 10 kitchen built-ins you’ll definitely want in your home!

Pro-style prep sink
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1. Pro-style prep sink
For foodies out there who love to cook, a prep sink with an extendable cutting board makes preparations quicker and more efficient. Install a cutting board into your counter top that extends outward to give you more space and can easily be removed for easy cleanup.

Trash disposal system
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2. Trash disposal system
Make preparations and clean-up a breeze with a trash disposal system right beneath your counter. A bonus benefit is being able to collect and easily store your scraps for composting!

Dishtowel rack
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3. Dishtowel rack
Have your dishtowels ready to be used with a conveniently positioned dishtowel rack located beneath your sink. No more rummaging around for new towels and dripping water all over your floor!

Wine rack

4. Wine rack
Australia is known for great wine. Proudly display your collection in your home with a built-in wine rack. Work with a leading kitchen renovator in Sydney who can make the most out of your space by utilising even the smallest areas.

Check out this wine rack we custom built that made use of a narrow vertical space which not only maximised the available area but also draws the eyes upward, creating the illusion of a much bigger room.

Appliance garage

5. Appliance garage
Exposed appliances on your countertop can make it look cluttered and disorganised. Keep your appliances and tool out of sight but still easily accessible with an appliance garage!

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6. Bench storage
What homeowner doesn’t dream of having a quaint little breakfast nook? Make the most out of it by having your Sydney kitchen renovator install benches that double as storage areas. While benches that flip upwards to open are common, consider ones that pull outward as well.

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7. Canister drawer
If you love baking then a canister drawer is just for you! Store common baking materials such as flour and sugar in a custom built drawer to help make measuring quicker.

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8. Base microwave cabinet
Free up important counter space and have your microwave installed into the base of your counter. This also minimises the hum of your microwave. For added efficiency, use the space surrounding it to store your reusable containers for quick access.

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9. Cleaning supplies closet
Keep your cleaning supplies organised and waiting for you with custom joinery dedicated just to it. Talk to your kitchen renovator about your chosen dimensions to ensure each item has a designated area in your supplies closet.

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10. Pet dinner station

Don’t forget about your pets! Treat it like the member of the family it is and have a cute dining area to house its food and water right beneath your countertop or kitchen island.

While making plans for your next kitchen remodel, consider these 10 useful kitchen built-ins! Consult with Sydney’s leading kitchen renovator, Badel Kitchens and Joinery, about the best custom built-ins and joinery for your home.

going green with badel kitchens

Going Green with Badel Kitchens and Joinery

kitchen renovation 1

With more studies about carbon footprints and its impact on the planet comes a more dedicated movement towards environmentally-conscious living. And with any change, it starts with the home.

Going green does not have to mean sacrificing style or functionality. With the advancements in technology today, going green has never been easier!

kitchen renovation 2
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Reuse and Recycle
Start your Sydney kitchen renovation on the right foot by reusing and recycling what you can from your old kitchen. Reduce the amount of waste material you have by utilising existing materials (such as wood, countertops and appliances) for your new kitchen.

Make sure you recycle materials you no longer intend to use. Ask help from your Sydney kitchen renovator about the appropriate and most eco-friendly ways to dispose of your old kitchen materials.

kitchen renovation 4

High Quality Materials
The most important thing to remember about going green is to create a kitchen that can withstand the test of time. As kitchen renovations are not exactly the greenest project in and of itself, you’ll want to build a kitchen that will last you years – both in terms of design and usage. While this may mean spending more initially, this will prevent you from another one a few years down the line – helping you save money and save resources.

Invest in high quality materials and finishing that can handle the wear and tear of daily use. Custom built wood cabinets are always a good choice and have been proven to last longer than other materials. For countertops, our kitchen designers suggest opting for engineered stone such as Caesarstone which also offers products made from partially recycled materials.

kitchen renovation 5
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Energy Saving
A common problem home owners face when purchasing kitchen cabinets is that store-bought Appliance use in the kitchen accounts for around 10% of a home’s energy consumption. If you choose to invest in new appliances, go for appliances with more stars and a higher energy rating. Although more expensive, they’re designed to use less energy down the road and are made with sustainable materials.

For lights, switch to LED light bulbs that last up to 20 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. They come in various colours and shapes that can go with any look you fancy!

kitchen renovation 3

Proper Ventilation and Lighting
Further cut down on your energy use by installing proper ventilation in your kitchen. Big windows help draw air in and out and provide sufficient natural lighting that can further reduce your energy consumption.

Switch to a greener lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint with an eco-friendly kitchen renovation project by Badel Kitchens and Joinery. Consult with our experts now!

badel's guide to kitchen renovation measurements

Badel’s Guide to Kitchen Renovation Measurements

kitchen renovation 1

Looking to invest in a kitchen renovation? The experts at Badel Kitchens and Joinery can help you maximise your kitchen’s effectivity and space.

Before beginning your kitchen renovation, take note of some of these tried and tested kitchen guidelines!


kitchen door-frame
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1. Door frame
Since the 1970s, open floor plans have been taking over homes across the globe. While most kitchens have done away with the need for a physical door, a doorframe or entryway is still essential.

As a general rule, the minimum width for doorway entries is 86.5 cm. If doors are installed, they must not interfere with any appliances and must provide ample clearance to avoid any potential damage done to the appliances or door itself.


kitchen makeover sydney

2. Triangle of work
The most essential rule in any kitchen is the Triangle of Work. This refers to the distance between your three common work stations: the refrigerator, the cook top and the sink.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the distance between your three work areas should not be more than 7.9 metres, with each leg between 1.2 m to 2.75 m.


kitchen renovation

3. Aisle
Aisles and walkways should always be free from obstruction, both for safety and efficiency reasons. When planning your kitchen renovation, think about how many cooks will be working in the kitchen. For kitchens with just one cook, 106 cm-wide work aisle is enough. Bump it up to 122 cm for multiple cooks.


kitchen designs sydney

4. Countertops
Countertops with harsh edges fell out of vogue in the early 1970s. These days, homeowners opt for rounded or clipped edges when choosing countertops for their kitchen renovation.

On top of preventing any bruises or accidents, countertop expert Jim Heaphy in an interview to Kitchen and Bath Design News says “Sharp square corners and edges can lead to a variety of long-term problems… I’ve written several times about how square inside corners in appliance cutouts can lead to an increased risk of countertop cracking, especially with relatively brittle, homogeneous products such as solid surface materials.”

Install a continuous countertop beside a sink to serve as your work/preparation area. A good rule of thumb to follow is that it should be 61 cm to 63.5 cm deep and should have a combined width of 4.8 metres.


kitchen countertop-clearance

5. Countertop Clearance
Before you begin your kitchen renovation, take note of the appliances you’ll be keeping on your countertop. Taller appliances, such as blenders and coffee makers, are taller and require more vertical clearance. Keep at least 38 cm of vertical height between your countertop and the bottom of any cabinets or joinery


6. Sinks
Following the triangle of work, your sink must be placed adjacent or across your cook top and refrigerator.
Remember to have your kitchen renovator install counters or “landing areas” beside your kitchen. Your landing areas should have a minimum of 61 cm on one side and 45 cm on the other to make preparations a breeze.

Kitchen measurements and computations may seem daunting but with the help of an expert kitchen renovator, your kitchen renovation can be done quickly and smoothly!


kitchen renovation checklist for maximum roi

Kitchen Renovation Checklist for Maximum ROI

A custom designed kitchen is one of the biggest investments you can ever make. Ensure you get the biggest ROI by choosing the right upgrades that can add more value to your home.

Here’s our kitchen renovation checklist that’s sure to give you the best ROI.


1_experienced contractor

1. Work with an experienced kitchen contractor

Invest in the services of a licensed and experienced contractor who can help you make the right kitchen investments. An experienced kitchen contractor knows the best materials and brands to use for a great kitchen. They can properly allocate your budget so you get the highest ROI.



2. Switch to open layouts

A custom designed kitchen with open-plan living and multifunctional spaces are rising in popularity in Australia. If you have the time, resources and budget, consider knocking down any adjoining walls to create a more open layout for your kitchen, dining room and living room.

Having a large kitchen island is best because it serves as a multi-functional piece where you can prep meals, have a meal or entertain guests.


3-Keep it classic

3. Keep it classic

Making a kitchen too personalised can make it difficult for you to find a new buyer. Veer away from anything too trendy and stick with the classics. White always looks best in kitchens and is a favourite among potential buyers. Stick with neutral colours for backsplashes and countertops. To add a bit of colour, choose a bench top that is available in various textures and colours such as Caesarstone or quartz.



4. Install long lasting cabinetry

When it comes to cabinetry and joinery, quality always beats quantity. The best custom designed kitchen only uses only high-quality and long-lasting materials proven to withstand the constant wear and tear of daily use. Choose tasteful colours that complement the rest of your kitchen.

Custom cabinetry is always ideal as it allows you to fully utilise the given space and make sure everything is where it should be.

A small but worthwhile investment is soft-close hinges such as the ones from Blum. They’re an easy living feature future buyers will surely appreciate.



5. Finish it with high-end appliances

Appliances can easily make or break the entire kitchen. A buyer will surely purchase a home with quality appliances. Focus on the essentials such as a good refrigerator, dishwasher and cooktop/oven. There’s no need to spend on superfluous add-ons like an Italian coffeemaker or custom grill.

Follow our kitchen renovation checklist and maximise your ROI. If you want your own custom designed kitchen, talk to one of our experts today!

foodie's guide to kitchen makeover

Foodie’s Guide to a Kitchen Makeover in Sydney

0_ Badel Foodies Guide to a Kitchen Makeover in Sydney Blog

Without a doubt, a foodie’s favourite room in the home is the kitchen. Before you begin your kitchen makeover in Sydney, make sure you include these premium kitchen features. We’ve got some tips to giving the foodie in you the best kitchen possible.


1. Good lighting
The best kitchens in Sydney all have one thing in common: good lighting. Nothing is more inviting than a kitchen flush with light. Include multiple sources of light in your kitchen: from pendant lights to under cabinet lighting, task lighting and even decorative lighting.

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2. Storage space
Every foodie has a well-stocked pantry full of great ingredients and top-of-the-line kitchen equipment. Make sure you have enough space for all your kitchen necessities. While a walk-in pantry is the mark of the best kitchens in Sydney, well-planned custom joinery will work just as well.

Plan enough space (plus extra) for ingredients, your appliances and tools. Designate each drawer for a certain item. Have drawers for your pots, dishes and even one dedicated just for your knives.


3. Appliance garage
A big trend we’re seeing in the kitchen designs these days are appliance garages. These specially designed areas seamlessly house your appliances, keeping them in sight but always within reach.

photo credits:
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4. Vent hood
Since you’ll be doing a lot of cooking in your kitchen, it’s important to find just the right vent hood for your cooktop. Your vent hood should not be any larger than your burners.

Talk to one of our experts today for more detailed help with vent hood options.


5. Low maintenance counters
Your counters will be subject to a lot of wear and tear. Well-designed kitchens have low maintenance yet sturdy countertops that can stand up to all the chopping, prepping and mixing you’ll be doing.

Caesarstone quartz is one of the most popular countertop materials for Sydney kitchen renovation ideas and for good reason. It’s non-porous, scratch resistant and highly resistant to any kinds of stains.

Read our review of kitchen countertop materials here.

photo credits:
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6. Bar sink
If you have the extra space, consider investing in a bar sink. It’s great for a home bar or entertainment areas. It can also double as an extra sink for prep work.

Get a kitchen makeover in Sydney today that will make any foodie jealous. Talk to one of our experts today.


Know Your Cabinet Terms Before You Start on Your Kitchen Refurbishment in Sydney

Your kitchen cabinet can make or break your entire kitchen’s look. Before you embark on your kitchen refurbishment in Sydney, understand all the terminology and lingo about your kitchen

Cabinet Door Types
There are three main types of cabinet doors. Each one functions slightly differently from the other.



Inset cabinet doors were popular in the early 1900’s and have recent kitchen refurbishment projects in Sydney have proven that they’re once again back in style. Inset cabinet doors and drawers are flush with the cabinet frame. Keep in mind though that because of this, there tends to be less drawer space.


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Partial Overlay
Also called “Traditional Overlay”, “Standard Overlay” or “Semi-Full Overlay.” These doors cover only a part of the cabinet frame but can still take up a bit of the drawer space. This is usually the least expensive option.



Full Overlay
Full overlay cabinets cover the entire cabinet frame and box so what you are actually looking at are the door and the drawer. The cabinet frame is only partially visible, if at all. If you’re planning a kitchen refurbishment in Sydney, then know that this cabinet type maximizes your storage space.


Cabinet Door Styles
Cabinet door style is all about the appearance of the cabinet door. Get to know more about each type before picking one out for your kitchen makeover in Sydney.



Recessed Panel (Flat Panel) Doors
If you’re looking for a clean and sleek look than this is the cabinet style for you. It is perfect for contemporary kitchens.


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Raised Panel Doors
The raised panel style door has a raised centre (often raised with a contour or profile). This is the most popular choice for a kitchen makeover in Sydney. Choose this style if you’re going for a traditional, transitional or classic look.



Open Frame Doors
Open frame doors are often seen with a glass insert but can also be left open. They’re usually used for decorative purposes.



Mullion Frame Doors
Much like open frame doors, mullion frame doors have the centre open but with vertical or horizontal bars, or mouldings that divide the opening into sections. They are typically installed to serve as accents in the kitchen.



Slab Doors
Slab doors are perfect for sleek or minimalist kitchens. They consist of just that – a slab of wood. They can be made of real wood, polyurethane or laminate.

It’s always a great idea to familiarise yourself with kitchen terminology before beginning a kitchen makeover in Sydney. Should you have any questions you’d like to ask us, contact us and fill out the form for your enquiries!