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How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost in 2024? The Experts at Badel Kitchens Weigh In


So, just how much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in 2024? This comprehensive Badel Kitchens guide will give you a clear understanding of the typical costs for Sydney homeowners this year. You’ll find out what you can expect for your renovation dollars, as well as tips from our experts on where you can make big savings (and where not to) in order to get the best out of your kitchen reno budget.


Maybe you’ve finally had enough of your 1990s “Pretty in Pink” kitchen cabinets or perhaps you’ve been finding yourself spending more and more time on Pinterest dreaming about organising your pantry by colour and category. Either way, if you’ve been wondering “how much does a kitchen renovation cost in Sydney these days?” you’re in the right place. Understanding the typical kitchen renovation costs is the perfect first step towards making your dream kitchen a reality.  





Got The Renovation Itch? You’re Not Alone…

Kitchens are the heartbeat of the house. They are a space where we come together to cook, chat, eat, work and have fun with our family and friends. It’s no wonder then that a recent survey of over 7000 Aussie homeowners, conducted by Houzz, found the kitchen is the most popular room to renovate. If you’re one of these homeowners yearning to transform your kitchen into a space that’ll make you feel as warm on the inside as a batch of choc-chip cookies (fresh out of your new euro steam oven), you’re likely curious about the financial investment required to turn your dream into reality. So, let’s delve into the average expenditure Aussies are dedicating to kitchen renovations today…


What Does An Average Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Getting a grip on the cost of your project is vital to planning and getting maximum bang for your buck. However, it’s a bit like asking how much a car costs. It really depends on your needs and can vary widely. Given the variation, probably the most helpful way to answer the question of how much a kitchen renovation costs, is to look at the typical ranges of cost for a new kitchen. Kitchen renovations can typically be broken down into three categories:


Budget kitchen renovation cost
$15,000 – $25,000

Mid-range kitchen renovation cost
$25,000 – $45,000

Premium kitchen renovation cost
$45,000 – $80,000+




Budget Kitchen Renovation Costs

To keep costs low, budget kitchen renovations typically focus on aesthetics and cosmetic upgrades. Homeowners often choose to enhance their current kitchen layout rather than undertake a complete gut job and reconfiguration, involving major structural changes. This approach ensures they get the most value for their money.

One popular budget option is a “kitchen makeover” or “kitchen facelift,” this type of renovation aims to preserve the “bones” of the kitchen while beautifying and modernising it. That usually means sticking with the original footprint, layout and the position of the electrical and plumbing. If the existing cabinetry framing is in good nick, it can also be preserved and simply refaced with new cabinet doors and hardware. Add new benchtops, splashbacks and appliances and voila, you have totally transformed the look of your kitchen and brought it bang up to date!


how much does a budget kitchen makeover cost?


Having said that, a really excellent new kitchen in this price range is still totally doable. Those building a completely new kitchen in this range should be aware that certain concessions may be required to keep it in budget. For example, the design might have fewer drawers and more cupboards (which aren’t as useful or storage friendly).

So, summarising the things that are likely to go over budget in this price range:

  • Moving the kitchen sink or stove
  • Enlarging the kitchen’s footprint
  • Changes to the layout like changing from a peninsula to an island
  • Opening up the kitchen into the dining room to create an open-plan space
  • More ornate kitchen styles such as French Provincial


Recommendations and Tips for a Budget Kitchen Renovation

Our general recommendation is to invest in quality where it truly matters, such as solid, well-built Australian-made cabinets, drawers, and components like hinges and drawer runners. Expect to spend a big portion of your budget on cabinetry. This could be anywhere from $4,000 – $10,000. Although you can get cheap alternatives from places like Bunnings, high quality Aussie boards and hardware brands like Blum are a worthwhile investment in the long-run as peeling doors and wonky drawers are not a cheap fix. Instead aim to save on less expensive finishes. Melamine is a great option as it is the most economical material for both cabinets and countertops. Engineered stone in conventional colours is also a budget-friendly choice.




Mid-range Kitchen Renovation Costs

According to Zaia Badel, head designer of Badel Kitchens, “with this price range, you can definitely get that coveted dream kitchen. With a mid-range budget, you can expect a kitchen that is custom-designed for your lifestyle and needs, while making the best use of the existing space. Kitchen renovations in the mid-range budget category include a lot of custom design and often, an overhaul of the layout, opening up of the room, creating big changes in function and form.”


how much does a mid-range kitchen cost?


Because it is custom designed, you’ll have more flexibility and freedom when it comes to the layout of your kitchen. You’ll be able to change the floor plan to suit your needs, which may entail reworking the electrical wiring and plumbing as well – want to add bi-fold doors out to the pool area and move your kitchen sink to the kitchen island so you can watch the kids while you prep? Yep you can definitely do things like that in this price-range!

How much it will cost and the division of the budget will depend on what you intend to use it for. For example, with homeowners who love to cook, a majority of the budget could be spent on high-quality countertops such as natural stone or on a 6-hob cook-top. For homeowners who love to entertain guests, the money could be put towards getting quality lighting fixtures, seating and homewares.




High-end Kitchen Renovation Costs

For a lucky few, sometimes, the sky really is the limit when it comes to their kitchen renovations.

These custom designed kitchens come with top-of-the-line materials and finishes such as marble countertops, industrial cooktops and premium appliances. Think Sub-Zero appliances, Wolf ovens and a Miele dishwasher. With elaborate design elements which take more time and skill to craft, such as corbels, feature glass and mantels, Hamptons or French Provincial kitchens also tend to fall into this range.


a luxury kitchen built with a high-end kitchen renovation budget


Apart from the pricey elements your kitchen may feature, high-end renovations are also expensive because of any structural, electrical or plumbing changes necessary to make your dream layout come to life. This may include tearing down existing walls to make way for an open layout kitchen or changing the layout to create a more efficient workflow in the kitchen.

Some homeowners also opt to have their appliances seamlessly hidden behind custom joinery so it blends it with the rest of the cabinets. This can easily ramp up the price tag as each part has to be carefully designed, measured and constructed.


Badel’s kitchen designers are here to help you start your journey.

Book a free personalised design consultation and get helpful advice and expert guidance for your kitchen reno.

How Does Sydney Kitchen Renovation Cost Stack Up?

Location also plays a big factor when it comes to computing for your kitchen renovation cost. The average kitchen renovation cost in Australia comes in around $17,000 but this average increases to $20,000 in Sydney. Usually included in this are compliance certificates and permits, labour fees and materials. The cost of Sydney kitchen renovations varies greatly from project to project and the complexity as well as materials used can greatly affect the end price tag.


What if you’ve got champagne taste (but beer money)? Here are Some of the Best Ways to Save Money on a Kitchen Renovation:

As already mentioned, the average costs should be taken with a grain of salt. A low-budget makeover may cost as little as $10,000 for one property, while in another it could cost as much as $25,000 or more. No matter your exact budget here are our top tips to curb costs if you want to achieve a more luxurious kitchen on a budget:


Invest in Quality Cabinetry

Firstly, try to get the best quality cabinetry that you can afford. This is not the area to scrimp on cost. Cheap cabinets chip, scratch, peel and get damaged easily. There’s nothing quite as gutting as investing a healthy whack into a kitchen reno that should last you for years to come, only to have the shine wear off in the first year or two, literally.


Keep Plumbing and Electrics

Where you can definitely save money is in leaving your sink and electrical outlets in their existing location. This will save you big on plumbing and electrical installation.


Cut out the middleman

Do what big builders do and deal directly with a kitchen manufacturer. Rather than going to a retail store with a showroom of pre-designed kitchens, skip the middleman and skip a whole bunch of expense. Think overheads – that showroom and the team of salespeople adds directly to the bottom line of your new kitchen. Going straight to the source and getting your kitchen from the manufacturer is a great way to design and build your ideal kitchen for a fraction of the cost of large retailers. Here at Badel Kitchens we design, manufacture and install kitchens which means we can build you a premium kitchen, without the premium price tag (but, more on that a bit later).


Flooring Options

To keep kitchen renovation costs down, consider exploring various budget-friendly flooring options. For instance, vinyl flooring is an affordable and versatile choice that can mimic the look of more expensive materials like hardwood or tile. Laminate flooring is another cost-effective option that offers durability and a wide range of styles and colors, making it easy to find a design that complements your kitchen. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, consider cork or bamboo flooring, which are not only affordable but also sustainable. By choosing cost-effective flooring materials, you can significantly reduce your renovation expenses while still achieving a stylish and functional kitchen.


Consult a Kitchen Designer

Consider consulting with a kitchen designer to achieve both quality and style without breaking the bank. A skilled designer can assist you in selecting fittings and finishes that are not only affordable but also meet your aesthetic preferences. By exploring alternative options, such as different finishes and materials, you can achieve the desired look while staying within budget. From tile backsplashes to benchtops, significant savings can be found with the guidance of a knowledgeable designer. At Badel Kitchens, our dedicated designers offer consultations as part and parcel of every kitchen renovation project. They’ll guide you through your options, ensuring a harmonious balance between your desired aesthetic and budget for a stunning end result.


So, Where Does Badel Kitchens Fit in Terms of Kitchen Renovation Price?

At Badel Kitchens we primarily work within the budget and mid-range price categories, ensuring you get a beautiful custom kitchen or kitchen makeover without breaking the bank. And yes, we truly believe it’s possible to get high quality without spending a fortune!


We make premium custom kitchens (without the premium price tag). Here’s how we do it.

Since Badel are the actual kitchen manufacturers, we can deliver affordable excellence in all our kitchens without compromising on quality. There are no middlemen, no fancy showrooms in Drummoyne and no salespeople. Because we build everything ourselves right here in Sydney’s Eastern Creek and skip the fancy showroom and salespeople, we can offer top-quality, hand-crafted kitchens at prices you’ll love.

Custom kitchen renovation by Badel Kitchens without a premium price tag

A premium custom kitchen renovation by Badel in Sydney’s Earlwood.

Hand-Crafted Quality at Affordable Prices

We offer incredible value without skimping on quality. Every kitchen we create, whether it’s budget-friendly or high-end, is hand-crafted by skilled cabinet makers using top-quality materials as standard. Our kitchens are designed to withstand tough Aussie conditions and meet the needs of busy families.



The key factors in pricing up a kitchen reno are size of the kitchen, scale of work, materials and finishes. With a knowledgeable kitchen designer to help guide you, the amount of options available in the market today means there will always be places where you can reign in to costs and prevent your reno from going over budget. So at the end of the day, how much you shell out is entirely up to you.


We’d Love to Help You with Your Kitchen Renovation

If you’re looking for a beautiful, affordable custom kitchen renovation, we’d love to hear from you and help bring your kitchen vision to life. We invite you to learn more about Badel’s kitchen renovations or to book a free design consultation to help you start your kitchen renovation journey.


When you book an obligation-free design consultation you can expect:

  • Helpful advice on how you can get the most for your money.
  • Guidance on materials, fittings and finishes to help you stay within your budget.
  • Ideas on layout options to best maximise your space.
  • Costings and timeline for your project.


Badel’s friendly team is here to make your dream kitchen a reality with great Aussie craftsmanship and unbeatable value. Let’s chat about how we can bring your kitchen vision to life!


Still browsing? Take a peek at our kitchen reno page for a fuller picture.

Learn more about the whole kitchen renovation process and how we do it at Badel. Or if you have a question, give us a call.

how to achieve a hamptons style kitchen

How to Achieve a Hamptons Style Kitchen – The Ultimate Guide in 2024

How to achieve a hamptons style kitchen


Are you dreaming of a beautiful, timeless kitchen that exudes elegance and sophistication? Look no further than the iconic Hamptons style. Loved by Australians all over, this classic design brings together elements of coastal charm and traditional luxury for a truly stunning space. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top trends and must-have features of Hamptons style kitchens that are set to dominate in 2024. Get ready to be inspired and start planning your dream kitchen that will stand the test of time.


What is a Hamptons Style Kitchen?

Low-key Luxury

A Hamptons style kitchen is all about understated luxury – a lavish yet somehow low-key life by the sea. It’s a well-balanced mix of classic and modern elements, with a strong emphasis on entertainment. With a focus on soft neutrals, textured accents, light, bright areas, and decorative details, a Hamptons style kitchen design will encourage you to embrace the relaxed, luxury feel of seaside living and bring some of that vacation charm into your everyday life.

Relaxed Elegance

The Hamptons style is noted for being light, airy, and expansive, with a laid-back seaside atmosphere. At the same time, the styling exudes wealth, refinement, and subtle elegance.

If that sounds right up your alley, then read on and we’re going to look at what it takes to achieve a Hamptons style kitchen for your home… But first, in order to properly comprehend today’s enthusiasm for Hamptons style, let’s dive into a little about where this style originates from.


Hamptons style kitchen in Narrabeen NSW
A modern take on a coastal hamptons style kitchen designed by Badel Kitchens in Narrabeen, Sydney.



New York Inspired Hamptons Style Kitchens in Sydney

Playground to New York’s Rich and Famous

An Hampton’s style kitchen is an ode to the beautiful coastal Hamptons area near New York. The region was originally planned as a summer colony for well-to-do New Yorkers (hoytee toytee alert!), to give a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and today is still well-known as an idyllic holiday spot for the rich and famous, from Rihanna to the Kennedys.


homes in the Hamptons area


Why So Popular?

The Hamptons provide the ideal combination of oceanfront location, rural environment, historic charm, and exclusivity, all while remaining within driving distance of New York City. Think Whale Beach vibes. The region is also well-known for having a sophisticated art scene, great eats and fabulous parties. An Hampton’s style kitchen exudes the same elegance and relaxed aura that’s part and parcel of the Hampton’s appeal. In keeping with Hampton’s charisma and character, a Hampton’s style kitchen speaks of rich taste and refinement. A balanced mixture of casual and elegant.


The Hamptons area and coastline



Will a Hamptons Style Kitchen Suit My Home?

Fortunately, you don’t need a Long Island property to enjoy a Hamptons kitchen. Even if you don’t live anywhere near a beach, you can still get in on this stylish trend. To see if it will suit your home though, you need to look at the architecture characteristic of the style to see whether it will work for your space.

Open-Plan and Over-sized

On top of the list, Hamptons’ homes are usually spacious, even oversized, exuding an air of wealth, so ideally you want a large amount of floor space, preferably an open concept to pull off this look. A Hamptons kitchen, when used in tiny and confined spaces, may make the space appear tight and cluttered. Other architectural hallmarks of a Hamptons style kitchen are pitched or high ceilings, over-sized kitchen islands that have generous space to manoeuvre around, timber floors, and wide windows that let in lots of natural light.

While having these elements is a big advantage, an experienced kitchen designer can help you recreate the feel in smaller spaces. Let’s take a closer look at the key design elements that will help you achieve this look in your kitchen:


How to Achieve the Hamptons Style Kitchen: The Key Design Elements


The Colour Palette

The vibe so far is spacious and rich with high ceilings. That makes guessing the color pretty easy. In order of preference, white is the first choice. However, neutral colors along with soft and sandy tones also do a good job in blending with the coastal setup. Soft greys, blues and even greens that mirror the sandy beaches, blue/grey waters and coastal grasses.


Hamptons style colour palette



Pendant Lighting

Bright and functional lighting is a fundamental aspect of Hampton’s kitchen design. The key here is large, pendant lights that accent the tall kitchen ceilings. Glass pendants with metal accents or rattan pendants are popular choices.


pendant lights in Hamptons style kitchen




For a perfect Hampton style kitchen, white Shaker style cabinets are the go to style, however, other variations of traditional cabinets with edge detailing and small knobs can also work.


Shaker style cabinets in Hamptons style kitchen



Islands & Benchtops

In a Hampton’s style kitchen, you will never have to find the island; they are big, beautiful and prominent. The island is multi-functional – it can work both as a casual breakfast bar and provide additional space for storage. To add more charm to the island, panelled cabinetry with wood corbels are often added to it. Pairing the island with stone benchtops is a must. The best choice is marble, without a doubt as it adds the element of luxury that characterises the Hamptons. With that being said, reconstituted stone can also work well for the island and can be a more practical choice which minimises maintenance and the possibility of staining.


hamptons style kitchen island




Continuing the marble from your benchtops up on to the walls is one popular option for splashbacks. The other option for splashbacks would be subway tiles. They can be laid in a traditional brick pattern or, made into more of a feature by laying them in a herring bone pattern.


hamptons style kitchen splashback




The flooring has to be wooden, there’s no 2 ways about it. Natural tones and textures are a cornerstone to achcieving this look. Traditionally you see more of the lighter and whitewashed wood, however, darker wood tones such as walnut can also look stunning, providing contrast with the cabinetry and adding a slightly more contemporary edge.


Wood floors are a key design element



Looking for a French Twist, Perhaps?

You probably had zero time guessing that Hampton’s kitchen has many similar aspects of a classic French style kitchen. Nowadays, the coastal styles in the kitchen must carry more sophistication than the beach. However, it needs elements to give the beach vibe, like decorative items adding a beach-like character. Other natural materials such as linen fabrics, cane, coir, glass, and wood also feature. Cane stools, often painted white, are a popular seating option for the kitchen islands.


hamptons style kitchen with a french provincial twist



Need some advice designing your Hamptons Style Kitchen?

If you’re planning your dream kitchen project and would like some expert design advice, Badel Kitchens specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing custom luxury kitchens. We invite you to get in touch and book a design consultation with our kitchen designers for a free quote and guidance. Our knowledgeable designers and meticulous project managers can help you get the best value for your renovation dollars and create a truly stunning kitchen. Call us on 02 9677 0855 to enquire or book.

family cooking in the kitchen

Are Custom Kitchens Worth It?


family cooking in the kitchen

Are Custom Kitchens Worth It?

Custom kitchens are they really worth it? When you consider today’s kitchen is so much more than just another room in your home, today’s modern kitchen is a place the whole family can come together, not just to eat, but to actually catch up and spend quality time together.

The kitchen is the perfect hang out for those lazy Sunday snacks. It’s where little future chefs get their training and the popcorn is prepared for movie nights. Today we are seeing more and more customers choosing to have a kitchen designed for their family’s specific needs. The need to create a kitchen that allows more quality time together is becoming a priority for most.

One clear benefit of having a custom made kitchen is you get to start with a completely new canvas. You decide on the textures, choice of materials, bench top and splashback styles, the appliances, accessories and so much more!

For example the choice of cabinets are by far the most popular aspect of designing custom made kitchens since they’re always the first to draw your attention. You can draw inspiration from your personal taste or add certain elements from your surrounding environment that you want to incorporate when selecting materials and colours. Your custom kitchen design also means your new cabinets will fit your kitchen space perfectly – providing you with more usable storage space than pre-made cabinets, which are cost effective to produce but are limited by size to fit the average kitchen space.

Lastly with a custom designed kitchen you can also choose all the features that you need. For example if you require extra bench space, no problem, looking for lighting for your cabinets, done!  Custom kitchens not only look great but will last for many years due to the high quality of materials. As your second largest investment after the purchase of your home, designing and building a new kitchen can easily add 5% to 15% to your home’s property value, just ask any real estate agent and they’ll be the first to tell you. In fact a kitchen renovation offers home owners the best return on investment when selling your home, which is why so many people opt for new kitchen designs.

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation in Sydney for your home be sure to call the team at Badel Kitchens & Joinery for an obligation free consultation and quote.

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Know Your Cabinet Terms Before You Start on Your Kitchen Refurbishment in Sydney

Your kitchen cabinet can make or break your entire kitchen’s look. Before you embark on your kitchen refurbishment in Sydney, understand all the terminology and lingo about your kitchen

Cabinet Door Types
There are three main types of cabinet doors. Each one functions slightly differently from the other.



Inset cabinet doors were popular in the early 1900’s and have recent kitchen refurbishment projects in Sydney have proven that they’re once again back in style. Inset cabinet doors and drawers are flush with the cabinet frame. Keep in mind though that because of this, there tends to be less drawer space.


photo credits:

Partial Overlay
Also called “Traditional Overlay”, “Standard Overlay” or “Semi-Full Overlay.” These doors cover only a part of the cabinet frame but can still take up a bit of the drawer space. This is usually the least expensive option.



Full Overlay
Full overlay cabinets cover the entire cabinet frame and box so what you are actually looking at are the door and the drawer. The cabinet frame is only partially visible, if at all. If you’re planning a kitchen refurbishment in Sydney, then know that this cabinet type maximizes your storage space.


Cabinet Door Styles
Cabinet door style is all about the appearance of the cabinet door. Get to know more about each type before picking one out for your kitchen makeover in Sydney.



Recessed Panel (Flat Panel) Doors
If you’re looking for a clean and sleek look than this is the cabinet style for you. It is perfect for contemporary kitchens.


photo credits:

Raised Panel Doors
The raised panel style door has a raised centre (often raised with a contour or profile). This is the most popular choice for a kitchen makeover in Sydney. Choose this style if you’re going for a traditional, transitional or classic look.



Open Frame Doors
Open frame doors are often seen with a glass insert but can also be left open. They’re usually used for decorative purposes.



Mullion Frame Doors
Much like open frame doors, mullion frame doors have the centre open but with vertical or horizontal bars, or mouldings that divide the opening into sections. They are typically installed to serve as accents in the kitchen.



Slab Doors
Slab doors are perfect for sleek or minimalist kitchens. They consist of just that – a slab of wood. They can be made of real wood, polyurethane or laminate.

It’s always a great idea to familiarise yourself with kitchen terminology before beginning a kitchen makeover in Sydney. Should you have any questions you’d like to ask us, contact us and fill out the form for your enquiries!

learn the 3 storage zones in your kitchen

Learn the 3 Zones for Storage in Your Kitchen

Sydney kitchens 2

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the entire house and houses a lot of various kitchen essential. Figuring out just how to store all your kitchen necessities can seem like a daunting task. Badel Kitchens and Joinery is here to help you organise your supplies to ensure you have the one of the best kitchens in Sydney.

Typically, there are three main zones of storage in every kitchen. The main areas of storage are: the refrigerator, the sink, and the range.

1. The refrigerator zone

Sydney kitchens
photo credits:

The refrigerator is arguably the most used appliance in the entire kitchen. It’s the receiving and initial food preparation area in your kitchen. For maximum efficiency, position your kitchen near the door so you can store groceries the moment you come in.

A countertop should ideally be placed across your refrigerator to serve as an area to set your groceries down while you sort them out.

Kitchen staples and preparation essentials (such as mixing bowls, measuring spoons, graters, etc.) are best placed in this area for quick meal preparation and easy access.

Your pantry and dry food storage should also be located in the refrigerator zone. Your pantry should be at least 500 cubic cm to be able to store all your dry goods.

2. The sink zone

sink zone kitchen storage
photo credits:

Following the triangle of work (, the sink should come in between the refrigerator and the range. The sink gets the highest amount of traffic in the kitchen so it’s important to plan your sink storage efficiently.

Glassware, silverware, and flatware should all be kept by the sink for quick storage after washing. A disposal unit should also be positioned nearby as well as storage areas for cleaning supplies, polishing, and drying.
Kitchen knives and cutting boards are best stored midway between the sink area and the refrigerator area.

3. The range zone

the range zone kitchen storage
photo credits:

Anything that involves the cooking process should be stored within the range zone. Ovens, cooktops, microwaves, and toasters, among others, should all be positioned close to each other. Store pot holders and the like close to any heat source for easy access.

Cooking essentials such as spices, pots, pans, and cooking utensils should be kept near the cooktop. Store them in order of frequency of use and personal preference.

Serving pieces should also be kept in the range zone for quick serving right after cooking. While the kitchen may include three main storage zones, how you choose to organise within these zones is all up to you. Find out how you like to sort out your kitchen necessities and what works best with your routine.

Badel Kitchens and Joinery is sought after for exceptional kitchen renovation services in Sydney (West). Talk to us about how you want your kitchen storage to look like. Contact Badel today.

finding the best cooktop for you

Finding the Best Cooktop for You

kitchen makeover Sydney 3

Remodelling your kitchen can be a fun and exciting project. But with any renovation, it’s important to incorporate products that suit you and your lifestyle.

When it comes to the kitchen, however, the cooktop is oftentimes the most used tool. Finding a cooktop that complements your lifestyle and needs is essential to getting the biggest ROI.

Here’s how you can find the best cooktop for you.

There are 3 basic ranges available in the market: Gas, Induction, and Ceramic.



kitchen makeover Sydney 1
photo credits:
Gas cooktops work best with people who love to cook but are on a budget.

Gas cooktops heat up quickly and can change temperature with a simple twist of the knob. Most chefs prefer gas cooktops because the visible flame allows them to see just how much heat is going into the pan.

Gas cooktops are the most flexible as all pans work well on a gas cooktop. The biggest con, perhaps, is the open flame which could be a potential safety hazard.



kitchen makeover Sydney 4
photo credits:

Induction cooktops are best suited for people who love to cook or those who have small children. Induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy to heat up your cooking vessel, so you don’t have to worry about open flames or gas leaks. They heat up very quickly and keep the heat isolated to only the area that touches your cooking vessel.

With all the benefits of an induction, its main disadvantage is its steep cost.

If you’re looking for a great induction cooktop, check out Bosch PIE651F17E. It comes with 4 induction cooking zones with PowerBoost function for each cooking zone. It even shows you how much energy you’ve used for your most recent cooking function. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about your children accidentally turning on the cooktop with Bosch’s built-in child lock function.



kitchen makeover Sydney 2
photo credits:

If you’re looking for a cooktop that’s easy to clean up like an induction cooktop but not quite as expensive, then ceramic is for you.

Unlike induction cooktops, ceramic cooktops use coiled metal elements under tempered ceramic glass. They’re safe to use around small children as there’s no open flame and models often come with child lock features.

Most cookware is suited for use on a ceramic cooktop, so you don’t have to worry about changing the cookware you currently have.

Before ordering your cooktop, make sure you order one which is perfect for you.
Badel Kitchens and Joinery is one of the best kitchen renovators in Sydney. Contact us for any enquiries about kitchen renovations in Sydney (West).

planning the perfect kitchen island

Planning the Perfect Kitchen Island

kitchen renovation cost 1

Kitchen islands have become a staple in homes all across the world. While seemingly easy to design one, it can involve quite a lot of planning and preparation.

We’ve worked on some of the best kitchens in Sydney and have gained decades’ worth of experience building incredible kitchen islands. Here are our tips for planning the perfect kitchen island.

1. Determine its main function

kitchen renovation cost 3
photo credits:

Before picking out cabinetry and cooktops, it’s important to first establish your kitchen island’s main function. Will you use it for prep work, cooking, or eating? Knowing its function is necessary when it comes to figuring out how large your kitchen island will be.


2. Think about your appliances
kitchen renovation cost 4
photo credits:

After determining your kitchen island’s function, it’s time to think about what appliances you’ll install in it, if any. If you’re thinking of using your island as a prep station, you’ll need to install a garbage, compost, and recycling area. For a cleanup area, perhaps a dishwasher or sink.


3. Allocate ample storage space
kitchen renovation cost
photo credits:

Make the most out of your kitchen island and use it for additional storage. Cabinets will typically fit into a 60 cm deep kitchen island. Your island can be as short as 1.2 m but if you’re planning on installing a dishwasher and cooktop, you’ll need it to be at least 2.1 m.

4. Let your personality show

kitchen renovation cost 2
photo credits:
Kitchen islands aren’t only for utility – they’re a great way to showcase your personal style as well. Forget about rectangular islands with solid colours. Experiment with different textures, materials, finishes, and colours.


5. Contact an expert

kitchen design experts
photo credits:
With all the planning, preparation, and building involved, it’s best to hire an expert. An expert will not only have years of experience under his/her belt, but will also have a list of trusted suppliers who can provide you with good deals and prices.

Badel Kitchens and Joinery has long been trusted as one of the leading experts in kitchen renovations in Sydney. Contact us today and begin planning your perfect kitchen island.

kitchen renovations sydney

Top 5 Designer Kitchens in Sydney by Badel Kitchens

Want to be inspired to have the best kitchen in Sydney? We have rounded up some of the most memorable designer kitchens Sydney that Badel Kitchens & Joinery has completed in the past few years. Check out the top 5 kitchen remodelling and custom joinery in Sydney here:

1. Custom-Built Joinery for a New Kitchen in Putney

Located around 13 kms away from Sydney, a newly built home in Putney was in need of custom-built joinery. Aside from fitting the new kitchen, the client also tasked us to work on other areas in the house as well by building a laundry, butler’s pantry, a couple of stereo cabinets, wardrobes, vanities, linen room with laundry shoot, a bar table and tall storage cupboards.

kitchens in Sydney
All joinery doors were finished in polyurethane, 40mm Caesarstone bench tops and colour glass splash-backs.


2. New Kitchen and Bathroom Wardrobes for a Home in Castle Hill

We love this kitchen we’ve designed for a client in Castle Hill. Initially, they requested a quote for a kitchen renovation. After our inspection, however, we found that more work needed to be done to the bathroom and wardrobes as well. The great thing about working with this client was that they were full of ideas that are actually pretty good. All we needed to do was to execute these ideas within a strict timeframe and budget.

kitchens in Sydney 3
After we have completed the remodelling project, our client’s kitchen ended up with stunning stone benches and fine granite work while the bathroom was transformed into a modern and luxurious space.


3. Kitchen Makeover Sydney Project for a 40-Year-Old Kitchen in Eastwood

One of our most challenging projects, this Eastwood home renovation required massive planning with our in-house team as well as trade partners. As the client’s requirement required a major overhaul (transformation of the old kitchen to an open plan layout), our team came up with a comprehensive brief and plan that details all possible modern kitchen design mock-ups as well as colour palette selections. It also required expert project management as well as coordination with a reliable and highly experienced engineer who can advise us regarding the rebuild of the kitchen. The client was left with one of the best designer kitchens in Sydney.

kitchens in Sydney 4
The client also requested us to work on the bathroom and to initiate the creation of storage solutions for the home.


4. Dream Kitchen Project for a Client in Petersham

Our client already has a dream kitchen in mind so she reached out to us to help make this into a reality. However, her house has a relatively small area allocated to the kitchen so the team is limited to maximising the existing space. At the same time, she also has a strict budget and timeline that our team needs to follow. It was quite a challenge, but we want nothing more than to provide our clients with the best kitchen in Sydney.

kitchens in Sydney 2
Our team had to work on a design incorporated with the kitchen’s existing 2 sets of drawers, pantry, fridge space and pre-purchased appliances.


5. Improve the Function and Layout of a Kitchen in Manly

Our client wanted to maximise the space and layout of her kitchen and she hoped we would be able to provide a design that is both functional and practical. During the design period, our team recommended to switch the dining and kitchen areas, which required careful planning and execution since we would now be renovating two spaces. We had to remove walls and install new doors, work closely with our trade partners with painting, tiling, new lighting, etc.

kitchens in Sydney 1
Despite the unexpected challenges along the way, we were able to build the kitchen they wanted and design it to achieve function while its aesthetic remains in the same theme as the rest of the house.

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