Looking for modern kitchen inspirations for your kitchen renovation? We’ve got them all here just for you.

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design Solutions By Hafele

Modern Kitchen Design Solutions

Modern Kitchen Design Solutions By Hafele

Inspired Kitchen Renovation Solutions

Badel kitchens & joinery are proud to incorporate Hafele products into our customized kitchen designs in Sydney, bathroom renovations and custom fitouts. Hafele offers a vast array of some of the best of European modern kitchen design solutions such as a complete line of inspired kitchen cabinet hardware and accessories that includes Recycling and Waste, Corner Spaces, Kitchen Pantry Storage Systems, Cabinet Storage, Drawer Organization, Countertop Support, Baskets and Trays, Kitchen Accessories, Backsplash Systems, kitchen renovations in Sydney and more!

Kitchen Recycling and Waste Systems

Kitchen Recycling and Waste Systems

Häfele has a wide range of dependable kitchen waste management solutions that are durable yet functional, hidden out of plain sight yet easily accessible for your convenience. They offer both single and double bins options with soft and silent closing features and built-in design that make removals of bins easy a breeze.

Corner Spaces


The most modern kitchen can be rendered inefficient if you can’t easily access and use valuable kitchen space. Häfele offers corner systems that allow you to maximize your kitchen storage in hard to reach corner cabinets. Design options range from lazy susans to swing-out shelves in various choices of features and finishes.

Kitchen Pantry Storage Systems

Kitchen Pantry Storage Systems

Whether your kitchen renovation requires for pantry units, pull-out shelves, or spice rack pull out hardware Häfele has a selection to choose from. Häfele offers pantry systems in various styles and arrangements. Häfele carters for both small cabinet pull-out pantry systems or larger full-featured chef’s pantry. Mounting configurations include either right or left options with soft and silent closing mechanisms.

Cabinet Storage

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

When it comes to Cabinet storage Häfele offer a wide variety of pull-out and storage solutions for kitchen designers. For ease of access from any side Häfele’s Base pull-outs are a great kitchen solution. While wall pull-outs can fit between small cabinet spaces and metal racks to provide valuable storage to upper cabinets. And for a distinctive look Wooden storage is great for open visible spaces.

Drawer Organization

Modern Kitchen Design Solutions

One of the most frequently utilised spaces that demands everything to be in orderly and organized fashion is the drawers. Häfele’s intelligent drawer inserts create space and accessibility for everything from your silverware to your spices to bring efficiency to each drawer in the kitchen. They do this while offering you a variety of storage options for kitchen drawers from deep drawer solutions to liners,

Backsplash Systems

Modern Kitchen Design Solutions

Häfele offers an extensive range of backsplash railing solutions for kitchen manufacturers and designers to choose from. Häfele’s backsplash systems add valuable organization and convenience to the back walls of your kitchen with accessories such as racks to gallery rails available to bring an individual feel and to your kitchen design.

Baskets and Trays

Modern Kitchen Design Solutions

Trays and wicker baskets are an ideal way to add a touch of accent to any kitchen decor. Basket options include both free standing and pull-out models that can be used as a side-mount access or front mount while some models come with runners as well. Baskets are woven over a beautiful beech wood frame. While tip-out trays are a great way to keep unsightly sponges out of sight.

Kitchen Accessories

Modern Kitchen Design Solutions

Nothing adds value to your kitchen like well thought out range of kitchen accessories. Complimentary accessories such as step stools or wooden racks can create order and add to cabinet spaces. Decorative lattice grills bring a touch of elegance and a distinctive look to a base cabinet while holders and grommets cleverly keep items in their place.

Countertop Supports

Modern Kitchen Design Solutions

Countertop Supports can add a distinctive look and added space to any kitchen design. Häfele offers several different designs to create added space to an otherwise crowded counter. These Countertop Supports systems are available in both square and round standards and are capable of holding a glass shelf six to nine inches above your existing counter.

For many of our customers, the kitchen is simply the single most important room in their home and we think so too!  That’s why at Badel renovating kitchens to reflect our customers’ personal vision is a passion we don’t take lightly. In fact, we have a proud history of transforming kitchens in Sydney homes for well over 20 years.

If you’re looking to design a modern kitchen and have some ideas in mind or are looking for a kitchen designer to help you create your modern kitchen, our experienced interior designers, project consultants and building specialists will happily work hand-in-hand with you to design and build your dream kitchen.


top kitchen trends 2018

Top Kitchen Trends for 2018

A new year means new kitchen trends. We’ve gathered the best kitchen designs in Sydney to inspire you for your next kitchen makeover!

photo credits: www.houzz.com

1. Dark coloured kitchens

All-white has long been the reigning colour when it comes to kitchens but in recent years, kitchen renovators have gradually bid adieu to boring, cookie-cutter kitchens and injected fun doses of personality and style to the kitchen.

Our top kitchen designers in Sydney are predicting a rise in dark coloured kitchens. Navy blue, rich burgundies and dark plum will surely be taking centre stage in kitchens everywhere across the globe.

kitchen renovation in Sydney 1

2. Hidden appliances

To keep kitchen looking sleek, kitchen designers and renovators in Sydney are turning towards hiding appliances. Think refrigerators and microwaves cleverly concealed by cabinet doors. This isn’t just limited to your bigger appliances! Small appliances used daily such as your coffee maker or toaster can have its own appliance garage so they’re within reach but still out of sight.

kitchen renovation in Sydney 2
photo credits: www.housebeautiful.com

3. Two-tone cabinets bleached wood

Keeping in-line with the rise of colour, we’re seeing more two-toned cabinets in the market. Get creative and mix and match your finishes to create an eye-catching effect.

If you’re still unsure about using colours, bleached wood makes for a stunning alternative.

photo credits: http://originalstyle.com

4. Personalised tiles

It’s finally time to kick those boring subway tiles to the curb! Show off your personal taste and style by installing fun and quirky tiles as your splashback. There are a wide range of options of tiles these days consisting of different sizes, shapes, prints and colours. You’re really only limited by your imagination.

kitchen renovation in Sydney
photo credits: www.pinterest.com

5. Warm accents

To complement the shift to darker colours, we’re seeing a rise in warm accents. Stainless steel and silver have taken the back seat, with golds quickly gaining popularity. Install warm touches like gold or copper drawer pulls, henna or sienna coloured accent-walls, or even wooden flooring.

6. Quartz

Keep your countertops lasting longer by investing in some real quartz benches. It’s one of the hardest materials on earth, non-porous and durable. It requires little to no upkeep and comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

Update your tired and dated kitchen by applying these modern trends. Give your home a makeover and talk to one of our expert kitchen renovators at Badel now!


10 Kitchen Built-Ins You’ll Want for Your Home

Sydney kitchen renovation

Have you been dreaming about a new kitchen or flipping through Sydney kitchen renovation magazines for some inspiration? We’ve got 10 kitchen built-ins you’ll definitely want in your home!

Pro-style prep sink
photo credits: www.houzz.com

1. Pro-style prep sink
For foodies out there who love to cook, a prep sink with an extendable cutting board makes preparations quicker and more efficient. Install a cutting board into your counter top that extends outward to give you more space and can easily be removed for easy cleanup.

Trash disposal system
photo credits: www.cabinet-s-top.blogspot.com

2. Trash disposal system
Make preparations and clean-up a breeze with a trash disposal system right beneath your counter. A bonus benefit is being able to collect and easily store your scraps for composting!

Dishtowel rack
photo credits: www.decorpad.com

3. Dishtowel rack
Have your dishtowels ready to be used with a conveniently positioned dishtowel rack located beneath your sink. No more rummaging around for new towels and dripping water all over your floor!

Wine rack

4. Wine rack
Australia is known for great wine. Proudly display your collection in your home with a built-in wine rack. Work with a leading kitchen renovator in Sydney who can make the most out of your space by utilising even the smallest areas.

Check out this wine rack we custom built that made use of a narrow vertical space which not only maximised the available area but also draws the eyes upward, creating the illusion of a much bigger room.

Appliance garage

5. Appliance garage
Exposed appliances on your countertop can make it look cluttered and disorganised. Keep your appliances and tool out of sight but still easily accessible with an appliance garage!

photo credits: www.pinterest.com

6. Bench storage
What homeowner doesn’t dream of having a quaint little breakfast nook? Make the most out of it by having your Sydney kitchen renovator install benches that double as storage areas. While benches that flip upwards to open are common, consider ones that pull outward as well.

photo credits: www.houzz.com

7. Canister drawer
If you love baking then a canister drawer is just for you! Store common baking materials such as flour and sugar in a custom built drawer to help make measuring quicker.

photo credits: www.pinterest.com

8. Base microwave cabinet
Free up important counter space and have your microwave installed into the base of your counter. This also minimises the hum of your microwave. For added efficiency, use the space surrounding it to store your reusable containers for quick access.

photo credits: www.houzz.com

9. Cleaning supplies closet
Keep your cleaning supplies organised and waiting for you with custom joinery dedicated just to it. Talk to your kitchen renovator about your chosen dimensions to ensure each item has a designated area in your supplies closet.

photo credits: www.yourpetbox.hu

10. Pet dinner station

Don’t forget about your pets! Treat it like the member of the family it is and have a cute dining area to house its food and water right beneath your countertop or kitchen island.

While making plans for your next kitchen remodel, consider these 10 useful kitchen built-ins! Consult with Sydney’s leading kitchen renovator, Badel Kitchens and Joinery, about the best custom built-ins and joinery for your home.

foodie's guide to kitchen makeover

Foodie’s Guide to a Kitchen Makeover in Sydney

0_ Badel Foodies Guide to a Kitchen Makeover in Sydney Blog

Without a doubt, a foodie’s favourite room in the home is the kitchen. Before you begin your kitchen makeover in Sydney, make sure you include these premium kitchen features. We’ve got some tips to giving the foodie in you the best kitchen possible.


1. Good lighting
The best kitchens in Sydney all have one thing in common: good lighting. Nothing is more inviting than a kitchen flush with light. Include multiple sources of light in your kitchen: from pendant lights to under cabinet lighting, task lighting and even decorative lighting.

photo credits: www.houzz.com
photo credits: www.houzz.com

2. Storage space
Every foodie has a well-stocked pantry full of great ingredients and top-of-the-line kitchen equipment. Make sure you have enough space for all your kitchen necessities. While a walk-in pantry is the mark of the best kitchens in Sydney, well-planned custom joinery will work just as well.

Plan enough space (plus extra) for ingredients, your appliances and tools. Designate each drawer for a certain item. Have drawers for your pots, dishes and even one dedicated just for your knives.


3. Appliance garage
A big trend we’re seeing in the kitchen designs these days are appliance garages. These specially designed areas seamlessly house your appliances, keeping them in sight but always within reach.

photo credits: www.bosch-home.com
photo credits: www.bosch-home.com

4. Vent hood
Since you’ll be doing a lot of cooking in your kitchen, it’s important to find just the right vent hood for your cooktop. Your vent hood should not be any larger than your burners.

Talk to one of our experts today for more detailed help with vent hood options.


5. Low maintenance counters
Your counters will be subject to a lot of wear and tear. Well-designed kitchens have low maintenance yet sturdy countertops that can stand up to all the chopping, prepping and mixing you’ll be doing.

Caesarstone quartz is one of the most popular countertop materials for Sydney kitchen renovation ideas and for good reason. It’s non-porous, scratch resistant and highly resistant to any kinds of stains.

Read our review of kitchen countertop materials here.

photo credits: www.homeportfolio.com
photo credits: www.homeportfolio.com

6. Bar sink
If you have the extra space, consider investing in a bar sink. It’s great for a home bar or entertainment areas. It can also double as an extra sink for prep work.

Get a kitchen makeover in Sydney today that will make any foodie jealous. Talk to one of our experts today.

steps to creating the best kitchens in sydney

Steps to Creating the Best Kitchens in Sydney


Every homeowner dreams of having one of the best kitchens in Sydney. While many may make the mistake of doing it on their own, the secret is asking for help from a reliable kitchen renovation services who can build it for you.

Here are our steps to creating the best kitchens in Sydney.


1. Decide on what you need
Before you begin you kitchen refurbishment in Sydney, you need to list down what you need from your kitchen. How many people will be using it? How much do you use your kitchen or how often do you cook? These questions will help your kitchen supplier create a kitchen that perfectly suits your needs.


2. Determine your budget
Your budget should serve as the guideline for your kitchen refurbishment in Sydney. Determining it early on will help you when it comes to important decisions you will need to make to get best kitchens in Sydney. It’s always good to add a 10% buffer to what you think you’ll be spending. Once you’ve set a budget, be diligent about it.


3. Find your experts
An expert kitchen supplier has a list of licensed tradespeople to work on various aspects of your kitchen refurbishment in Sydney. Investing in their services would mean less headaches and being able to get Sydney’s best value kitchens.

Badel Kitchens & Joinery employs a team of highly-capable and licensed tradespeople who can work on your full kitchen refurbishment in Sydney project. Check out more about our accreditations here.

4. Design your layout
Discuss with your kitchen supplier how you want to utilise your space, the amount of storage you need, as well as all the appliances you want put in. This will help you plan how much materials you need for your kitchen renovation (number of tiles, length of wood and marble, etc).


5. Choose your finishes and fixtures
Once you’ve established your layout, you can now move on to choosing your fixtures and finishes. The best kitchens in Sydney use quality and durable materials so keep this in mind. Some of the things you’ll need to pick out are:
• Countertop materials
• Cabinet and joinery finishes
• Light fixtures
• Faucet and sink
• Hardware


6. Prepare for the construction
While having the best kitchen supplier can make kitchen refurbishments in Sydney easier, there are still some tricky parts to manoeuvre. If you’ll be staying in the house the entire time, be sure to set-up a temporary kitchen beforehand to avoid panicking mid-project. Put away and store everything to keep an organised home.

Badel Kitchens & Joinery has long been known to provide Sydney with the best value kitchens. Consult with one of our experts today to get one of the best kitchens in Sydney.

learn the 3 storage zones in your kitchen

Learn the 3 Zones for Storage in Your Kitchen

Sydney kitchens 2

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the entire house and houses a lot of various kitchen essential. Figuring out just how to store all your kitchen necessities can seem like a daunting task. Badel Kitchens and Joinery is here to help you organise your supplies to ensure you have the one of the best kitchens in Sydney.

Typically, there are three main zones of storage in every kitchen. The main areas of storage are: the refrigerator, the sink, and the range.

1. The refrigerator zone

Sydney kitchens
photo credits: www.houzz.com.au

The refrigerator is arguably the most used appliance in the entire kitchen. It’s the receiving and initial food preparation area in your kitchen. For maximum efficiency, position your kitchen near the door so you can store groceries the moment you come in.

A countertop should ideally be placed across your refrigerator to serve as an area to set your groceries down while you sort them out.

Kitchen staples and preparation essentials (such as mixing bowls, measuring spoons, graters, etc.) are best placed in this area for quick meal preparation and easy access.

Your pantry and dry food storage should also be located in the refrigerator zone. Your pantry should be at least 500 cubic cm to be able to store all your dry goods.

2. The sink zone

sink zone kitchen storage
photo credits: www.spyedesign.com

Following the triangle of work (https://www.kitchens.com), the sink should come in between the refrigerator and the range. The sink gets the highest amount of traffic in the kitchen so it’s important to plan your sink storage efficiently.

Glassware, silverware, and flatware should all be kept by the sink for quick storage after washing. A disposal unit should also be positioned nearby as well as storage areas for cleaning supplies, polishing, and drying.
Kitchen knives and cutting boards are best stored midway between the sink area and the refrigerator area.

3. The range zone

the range zone kitchen storage
photo credits: www.houzz.com.au

Anything that involves the cooking process should be stored within the range zone. Ovens, cooktops, microwaves, and toasters, among others, should all be positioned close to each other. Store pot holders and the like close to any heat source for easy access.

Cooking essentials such as spices, pots, pans, and cooking utensils should be kept near the cooktop. Store them in order of frequency of use and personal preference.

Serving pieces should also be kept in the range zone for quick serving right after cooking. While the kitchen may include three main storage zones, how you choose to organise within these zones is all up to you. Find out how you like to sort out your kitchen necessities and what works best with your routine.

Badel Kitchens and Joinery is sought after for exceptional kitchen renovation services in Sydney (West). Talk to us about how you want your kitchen storage to look like. Contact Badel today.

finding the best cooktop for you

Finding the Best Cooktop for You

kitchen makeover Sydney 3

Remodelling your kitchen can be a fun and exciting project. But with any renovation, it’s important to incorporate products that suit you and your lifestyle.

When it comes to the kitchen, however, the cooktop is oftentimes the most used tool. Finding a cooktop that complements your lifestyle and needs is essential to getting the biggest ROI.

Here’s how you can find the best cooktop for you.

There are 3 basic ranges available in the market: Gas, Induction, and Ceramic.



kitchen makeover Sydney 1
photo credits: www.bosch-home.com
Gas cooktops work best with people who love to cook but are on a budget.

Gas cooktops heat up quickly and can change temperature with a simple twist of the knob. Most chefs prefer gas cooktops because the visible flame allows them to see just how much heat is going into the pan.

Gas cooktops are the most flexible as all pans work well on a gas cooktop. The biggest con, perhaps, is the open flame which could be a potential safety hazard.



kitchen makeover Sydney 4
photo credits: ww.bosch-home.com

Induction cooktops are best suited for people who love to cook or those who have small children. Induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy to heat up your cooking vessel, so you don’t have to worry about open flames or gas leaks. They heat up very quickly and keep the heat isolated to only the area that touches your cooking vessel.

With all the benefits of an induction, its main disadvantage is its steep cost.

If you’re looking for a great induction cooktop, check out Bosch PIE651F17E. It comes with 4 induction cooking zones with PowerBoost function for each cooking zone. It even shows you how much energy you’ve used for your most recent cooking function. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about your children accidentally turning on the cooktop with Bosch’s built-in child lock function.



kitchen makeover Sydney 2
photo credits: www.fisherpaykel.com

If you’re looking for a cooktop that’s easy to clean up like an induction cooktop but not quite as expensive, then ceramic is for you.

Unlike induction cooktops, ceramic cooktops use coiled metal elements under tempered ceramic glass. They’re safe to use around small children as there’s no open flame and models often come with child lock features.

Most cookware is suited for use on a ceramic cooktop, so you don’t have to worry about changing the cookware you currently have.

Before ordering your cooktop, make sure you order one which is perfect for you.
Badel Kitchens and Joinery is one of the best kitchen renovators in Sydney. Contact us for any enquiries about kitchen renovations in Sydney (West).

planning the perfect kitchen island

Planning the Perfect Kitchen Island

kitchen renovation cost 1

Kitchen islands have become a staple in homes all across the world. While seemingly easy to design one, it can involve quite a lot of planning and preparation.

We’ve worked on some of the best kitchens in Sydney and have gained decades’ worth of experience building incredible kitchen islands. Here are our tips for planning the perfect kitchen island.

1. Determine its main function

kitchen renovation cost 3
photo credits: www.hgtv.com

Before picking out cabinetry and cooktops, it’s important to first establish your kitchen island’s main function. Will you use it for prep work, cooking, or eating? Knowing its function is necessary when it comes to figuring out how large your kitchen island will be.


2. Think about your appliances
kitchen renovation cost 4
photo credits: www.houzz.com.au

After determining your kitchen island’s function, it’s time to think about what appliances you’ll install in it, if any. If you’re thinking of using your island as a prep station, you’ll need to install a garbage, compost, and recycling area. For a cleanup area, perhaps a dishwasher or sink.


3. Allocate ample storage space
kitchen renovation cost
photo credits: www.drawhome.com

Make the most out of your kitchen island and use it for additional storage. Cabinets will typically fit into a 60 cm deep kitchen island. Your island can be as short as 1.2 m but if you’re planning on installing a dishwasher and cooktop, you’ll need it to be at least 2.1 m.

4. Let your personality show

kitchen renovation cost 2
photo credits: www.decorpad.com
Kitchen islands aren’t only for utility – they’re a great way to showcase your personal style as well. Forget about rectangular islands with solid colours. Experiment with different textures, materials, finishes, and colours.


5. Contact an expert

kitchen design experts
photo credits: www.hgtv.com
With all the planning, preparation, and building involved, it’s best to hire an expert. An expert will not only have years of experience under his/her belt, but will also have a list of trusted suppliers who can provide you with good deals and prices.

Badel Kitchens and Joinery has long been trusted as one of the leading experts in kitchen renovations in Sydney. Contact us today and begin planning your perfect kitchen island.

modern kitchen trends

10 Kitchen Trends to Watch Out For | Modern Kitchen Design

Want to revamp and modernise an old kitchen? Or do you just want to stay on top of the latest
trends? We’ve gathered the top 10 kitchen trends sure to make your modern kitchen designs the most stylish one out

1. Minimalist kitchens

Minimalist kitchens

Clean and uncluttered kitchens are all the rage – think appliances built to look like they’re a part of
the kitchen cabinetry, instead of it looking haphazardly thrown together. What a lovely modern kitchen design!


2. Mobile Kitchen Islands

Mobile Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have always been a staple but it’s a huge commitment. Opt for mobile kitchen islands instead that serve the purpose but can easily be moved around when you need more space.


3. Vertical kitchen cabinets

Vertical kitchen cabinets

Go for vertical cabinets instead of the traditional horizontal ones. They draw your eyes upwards, giving the illusion of high ceilings while utilising and maximising a small surface area for a modern kitchen design in Sydney.


4. Stainless steel is out, oil rubbed bronze is in

oil rubbed bronze

Opt for rubbed bronze kitchen fixtures instead of stainless steel ones. If you find bronze too dark, try
out brushed nickel or chrome.


5. Textures


Make your kitchen more interesting by incorporating texture into it. An interesting backsplash or even
your choice of flooring can mix things up. Think porcelain which can add textures, pattern, and colour
to your newly renovated kitchen.


6. Industrial lighting

Industrial lighting

Proper lighting is essential in any kitchen spaces. Invest in industrial or LED lights to ensure that your kitchen is bright and well lit.


7. Quartz countertops

Quartz has overtaken granite benchtops as the most popular choice for kitchen counters, and with good reason! Quartz is the toughest material and is resistant to scratches, burns, and chips.


8. Tiles

Tiles are in this year and it looks like they’re going to stay! Don’t limit yourself to using tiles just for the backsplash. Try covering an entire wall that can serve as an accent wall.


9. Light and shadow play

Dark and light kitchen fixtures are making it big this year. Think dark kitchen cabinets and white back splash and countertops.


10. Wooden cabinets

When picking kitchen cabinets, looks like wood is your best bet! Although the options are endless (cherry, birch, teak, etc.), it looks like Oak is turning out to be a favourite when it comes to kitchen remodelling. Laminates are also available which simulates the look of real wood – giving you both sophistication and easy maintenance at the same time.

Badel Kitchens and Joinery stays up-to-date with all the latest trends in kitchen design and renovations. Contact our team today https://badelkitchens.com.au/contact-us/