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Badel’s List of Man Cave Essentials

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Man caves, or mantuaries, are the latest trend in home design. More and more homeowners are converting offices, dens, even the garage into a husband’s sacred retreat. With the help of strategically designed custom joinery Sydney, virtually any room can be transformed into a man cave.

Ladies, don’t worry, these man caves are great for both people in the relationship as they give each one their much needed personal space and a place to retreat to at the end of the day.

Here are our must-haves to make any man cave drool-worthy.


1. The Perfect Lounge

perfect lounge man cave essentials
photo credits: www.houzz.com

A good retreat starts with comfortable seating. Pick a seat suitable for watching TV, reading a book, or even just lounging about.


2. Mind-blowing Entertainment System

good stereo man cave essentials
photo credits: www.digitaltrends.comYour entertainment system could include anything from your TV, videogame console, speakers, a projector, to name a few. This could take a lot of space, making it easy for your man cave to look cluttered and disorganized. Have a contractor build you custom joineries made to perfectly fit every component of your entertainment system.


3. A Fully-equipped Bar
fully equipped bar man cave essentials
photo credits: www.marshallfridge.com

Proudly display your extensive liquor collection with a fully-equipped bar.


4. Rock and Roll Mini Refrigerator
For the music lovers, this Marshall’s amp mini refrigerator is the perfect spot to keep your beer cold.


5. Custom-built Display Case
display case man cave essentials
photo credits: www.zillow.com

A display case is one of the things that makes each man cave unique. An expert can help you plan custom joineries to display your trophies or medals, sports memorabilia, or even old vinyl records.

6. Knock-out Punching Bag

punching bag man cave essentials
photo credits: www.everlast.com

Work the stress away and get working on those bags!


7. The Workman’s Table
workmans table man cave essentials
photo credits: www.houzz.com

Work on those carpentry projects in your own personal space.


8. Pool Shark’s Table
pool shark table man cave essentials
photo credits: www.houzz.com

Work on your technique on your very own pool table.

A man cave is every man’s dream room. But as with any room, it’s important for any man cave to reflect the owner’s hobbies and interests.

Start planning a man cave the mates would be jealous of. Call Badel Kitchens and Joinery today and consult with one of our experts in custom joineries.