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things to consider before beginning bathroom renovations in sydney

Things to Consider Before Beginning Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Things to Consider Before Beginning Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

A small bathroom renovations Sydney is a huge project. It can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. Before you begin sampling paint colours and picking out tile patterns, make sure you consider these.

1. Budget
The most important thing in any project is the budget. The budget dictates all of your succeeding choices – your timeframe, your furnishings, tile choices, etc. Before you even begin with your bathroom renovations, figure out how much you can realistically spend and make sure you strictly stick to it. Include a buffer for any unforeseen problems or expenses that may occur.

2. Schedule
How much time can you dedicate to the project? Do you want work to be done on weekends or limit the construction to weekdays? Creating a detailed is important as it can affect how much money you end up spending. A renovation schedule is especially important for homes with only one bathroom. Remember to include things such as procurement of materials and installments when creating your timeline.

3. Supplier
People often forget this one detail when it comes to renovation projects: you work around the supplier’s schedule, not the other way around. Suppliers seldom have a huge amount of a certain product on hand at any given time. Order in advance to accommodate your supplier’s schedule. Factor in the actual order process and shipment as well.

4. Contractor
Some homeowners opt to renovate their bathrooms on their own, underestimating the amount of time, skill, and experience actually needed. Instead of saving money, they actually end up spending more because of mishaps along the way. Find a licensed contractor you trust to work with on this huge project. They can give you advice on the best materials, colours, and layout to use in your bathroom. Check out our list of the 7 things you need to ask your contractor [LINK] before beginning any project.

5. Aesthetics and Functionality
Keep in mind that aesthetics and functionality should always go hand-in-hand. Look back on what you want changed in your bathroom and why. Some things to consider when picking your design is the amount of people using your bathroom, how they will be using it, and what kind of climate you have. Climate is often forgotten when it comes to bathroom renovations in Sydney, but Australian weather can be quite extreme and homes are repeatedly subjected to extreme heat or humidity. Choose a design that will address each of your needs while still reflecting your personal style.

According to realestate.com.au, some common pitfalls homeowners face are

  • Not Planning Ahead
    • make sure you think ahead and consider every viable option before you begin your renovations. It’s best to consult experts who know what they’re doing
  • Not Considering the Basics
    • Take note of your existing bathroom and its layout. Unless you’re doing a total re-do and tearing everything down, you’re going to have to work with the current space and dimensions. Take note of existing cavity space, concrete walls/floors/ceilings, existing plumbing and circuitry etc.
  • Poor Shopping Choices
    • Be careful when shopping for fixtures and fittings. Make sure these fit and work well with the intended plan. Consult with an expert and ask what’s best. Oftentimes, it’s best to go for more expensive fittings and fixtures that will surely last you years over cheap fixtures that need frequent replacing.

Bathroom renovations can be confusing but as long as you consider these before diving headfirst into it, you’ll be just fine. Consult with our bathroom renovations expert to help you make your bathroom renovation process as smooth as possible. Badel Kitchen and Joineries have over 20 years in experience heading bathroom renovations in Sydney. Contact Badel today for your free quote.

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8 Renovation Trends That Are Here to Stay

Planning a big change in your home? Stay in-the-know about what’s chic and in-style to make your home the talk of the town. We’ve put together 8 renovation trends that are big in the design circles right now.

Trends in kitchen renovations in Sydney

1. Muted colours

Muted colors
photo credits: www.decoist.com

Bold colours were big in 2015 but nowadays, pastels and neutrals have been steadily taking the lead in Sydney kitchens. Pantone began this trend in kitchen designs with their release of the colours of the year – Rose Quartz, a lovely pink shade, and Serenity, a tranquil periwinkle. Several designers have also deemed off-white to be the current it-colour for kitchen renovations and trends.
2. Two-toned cabinetry
Two-toned cabinetry
photo credits: www.housewifewannabe.com

Bring the focus to your cabinetry by combining two different colours. Black and white always make for a stunning combination but why not incorporate two different textures as well?
3. Mixed materials
Mixed materials
photo credits: www.apartmenttherapy.com

Gone are the days of monochromatic colour schemes and uniform finishes in the kitchen. These days it’s all about creating an eclectic and personal vibe. Think wooden islands, soapstone sinks, textured cabinets, all together in one kitchen.
4. Black stainless steel

Black stainless steel
photo credits: blog.yaleappliance.com

Stainless steel was once the go-to option for kitchen appliances but their reign has come to an end. Black stainless steel appliances are quickly rising in sales and are the new favourites of designers everywhere.

Trends in bathroom renovations in Sydney

1. Metals

photo credits: www.houzz.com.au
Metals have slowly but steadily been taking over the design scene in recent years and have finally made their way into the bathroom. Apart from adding that air of glamour and sophistication, different metal finishes add interesting plays of light and colour in the bathroom. Stick to matte or satin finishes, as the bright polished type are considered passé.
2. Functionality first
Functionality first
photo credits: www.designtrends.com

People are becoming more practical when it comes to renovations of bathroom Vanities in Sydney and are prioritising practical items before mere decorations. Go for sleek, clean lines in the bathroom and ensure there is adequate storage for all the necessities. Modern is in style and less is definitely more.
3. Cool colours

Cool colours
photo credits: www.houzz.com.au

Cool and relaxing tones are still in demand this year and surely for the years to come. Think tranquil blues and relaxing greens for your bathroom. Pair it with white to create that calming yet inviting feel.
4. Statement mirrors
Statement mirrors
photo credits: blog.homedecorators.com

Say goodbye to boring rectangular mirrors and hello to unique and eclectic ones. Look for wooden finishes, different shapes, or even vintage finds. It’ll add an interesting touch in a simple and often affordable way.

Badel Kitchens & Joinery stays on top of all the trends in kitchen and bathroom renovations in Sydney and expertly combines functionality with aesthetics. Contact Badel now and get the home renovation of your dreams today!

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10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Small bathroom renovations in Sydney don’t often get the love they deserve. You can still have a luxurious and beautiful bathroom even if you’re tight on space. Here are some tips bathroom renovation tips to transform your bathroom and maximise your limited floor plan.

1. Lighting

#1 Lighting

When space is limited, good lighting is key. It instantly makes a room more inviting and spacious. Natural light is always a priority, so windows or a skylight is ideal.

Task lighting (used over the vanity area) should be used alongside decorative lighting fixtures to add even more light.

2. Big mirrors


A strategically placed mirror can do wonders in a small space. Placed across a window, it can reflect natural light, making your bathroom seem brighter and bigger. Huge mirrors that reach the ceiling reflect more of the room, making it seem like there’s more room than there actually is.

3. Colours

#3 Colours

Choosing the right colour is essential and can have a huge effect on the overall appearance. Light colours help reflect light and brighten up a small space. Try to keep the same shade/tone going throughout the room. Using different colours will segment the room, making it look smaller.

4. Large-scale pattern

#4 Large Patterns

Large patterns can trick the eye into seeing a larger space. Smaller patterns can appear too busy, and will cause the eye to focus on these areas rather than taking in the bathroom as a whole.

5. Tile to the ceiling


When tiling your shower area, take the tiles all the way to the ceiling. It draws your eyes upwards, giving the illusion of a larger space. Instead of your eyes just travelling horizontally (and in a limited space!), wall-to-ceiling tiles allow you emphasize another dimension in your bathroom.

6. Corner sink


Pedestal sinks often take up space and disrupt the flow in the bathroom. Corner sinks, on the other hand, maximise the space in a tight area.

7. Floating vanity


Instead of purchasing a bulky pedestal vanity, opt for a wall-mounted vanity. Floating vanities allow you too see more of the floor, and by doing so, you avoid cutting up the small space into chunks. Continuous lines in small spaces give the illusion of a bigger area.

8. Mount the towel bar on a door

#8 Towel Bars

Free up valuable space and install your towel bar to your shower door. Not only does it keep your towel handy, it frees up wall or floor space, making your bathroom seem less cluttered.

9. Wall-mounted faucet


Wall-mounted faucets need less space than the standard faucets that are mounted onto vanities. Mounting a faucet on the wall means you can opt for thinner or narrower sinks. Wall-mounted faucets also add a modern touch to any bathroom!

10. Glass shower doors


Glass shower doors widen the room by increasing the amount of space that is visible from any given place in the bathroom. Instead of the toilet feeling like a separate area from the shower area, it gives the appearance of a continuous space.

With these 10 tips, you can make any bathroom look and feel spacious and luxurious. Enquire today about our bathroom renovation services.

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