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Kitchen Design: Building a Cosy Family Kitchen


Kitchens are more than just a place for cooking. Oftentimes, it’s serves as the heart of the home where family members hang out to talk about their day. Design your kitchen to make it a welcoming space for you and your family.

Make It Bright
Kitchen Design: Building a Cosy Family Kitchen
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Nothing’s more inviting than a bright room. Incorporate as much light as you can into the room. Natural light is always best so look to add large windows or even a sunroof. Strategically positioned lights work just as well if natural light isn’t available.


Add Comfortable Seating

Kitchen Design make it bright
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Adding comfortable chairs or even a couch to your kitchen/dining area is sure to attract family and friends and make them want to stay there longer. Create a middle kitchen island where family and friends can gather and socialise while preparing a meal.

A couch can section of different living areas in an open space without making it seem too cluttered.


Create a Breakfast Nook
Kitchen Design with breakfast nook
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A breakfast nook is more than just for eating breakfast. It can be a comfortable place for family members to spend the weekend lounging or a great place to just read a book. Have a custom built booth added to your kitchen and be sure to fill it with comfy pillows and upholstery.


Build a Snack Bar
kitchen design build a snack bar
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Create a place where your kids can study and do their homework while you’re preparing dinner. Add a snack bar where you can easily store snacks for them to eat throughout the day.


Incorporating the Outdoors

kitchen design incorporating the outdoor
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A great kitchen can be made even better with an amazing view. While planning your kitchen’s layout, think about what view you will have. Also think about how you can bring the outdoors in.Bring life into the kitchen by opening it up to the garden or patio. This not only allows light to flow in, but makes it more welcoming and appealing.

A kitchen should serve as the heart of every home. With these tips, you and your family will surely want to spend a lot more time in the kitchen. Badel Kitchen & Joinery is the leading expert in creating unique kitchen designs and layouts. Contact Badel today and ask about our new kitchen installations, remodelling, kitchen design and kitchen renovation services.

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Kitchen Renovations: Where to Save and Where to Splurge

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New kitchens don’t have to be costly. It’s all about knowing where you can save money, and what you should invest on.

Save: Sink

Although the sink is often used, you don’t need to spend a huge part of your budget on it, especially if it’s an undermount. There are a lot of durable stainless steel sinks that are available, and best of all; it won’t ruin your budget.

Splurge: Faucet

A stylish and sleek faucet can complete your kitchen’s look. You’ll be using your faucet often so invest in a sturdy, good-quality faucet. Look into purchasing a pull-down faucet which makes dishwashing a breeze.

Save: Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

There are a ton of cabinet pulls and knobs available today. It may not seem like much but they can add the last details to finish and tie in your new kitchen together. There are several kinds, like chrome, wood, and brass, so find the one that complements your new kitchen best. Your kitchen supplier is sure to house multiple options at various prices.

Splurge: Cabinets

Cabinets are an integral part of any new kitchen. Cabinets made with quality materials offer a huge return on investment as they can last years with minimal upkeep. Maximise the efficiency and functionality of your cabinets by consulting with a professional contractor. Good cabinets can make working in the kitchen so much easier.

Save: Backsplash

There are a ton of backsplash options you can get from a reliable kitchen supplier. The good news is, they aren’t that expensive! You can get stylish options at an affordable price. Or think outside the box and use plexiglass or clear glass with a brightly coloured fabric beneath it for a look that’s unique and inexpensive.

Splurge: Countertops

The countertop is the first thing you see in a kitchen, and it can set the tone for the entire kitchen. Kitchen islands particularly are a great investment. They’re one of the most utilised parts of the kitchen, so spending a good part of the budget would yield a great return on investment. You won’t have to worry about any nicks or scratches if you use quality material.

Save: Lighting

Good lighting is necessary for safety and efficiency. The great part is it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Quality light fixtures in stylish options are available at low prices. Consider going to vintage stores to get them at an even lower cost, without having to sacrifice on the design.

Splurge: Appliances

A huge chunk of your budget should be allotted for your appliances. They’re the ones that will be used on a daily basis so it’s wise to invest on things that will work well and will last long. Large kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, and ovens, are appliances you will have for a long time so it’s better to spend on good quality and energy efficient ones from the very beginning. It could save you a lot of money down the line.

Kitchen renovations can seem like a daunting task but it shouldn’t overwhelm you. Knowing when to save and when to splurge can help you allocate your budget and prevent you from overspending.

Need help finding options for your kitchen renovation? If you need a kitchen supplier, look no further. Contact us and we’ll assist you with finding whatever it is you need while staying within your budget.

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Remodeling Your Kitchen? 7 Rules to Follow

1. Function is king of design.

No matter how classy or elegant your new kitchen design looks, renovation would be a total waste if it doesn’t improve the ease of movement in the area and if space is not maximised.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations 2
No matter what type of layout, your sink, fridge, and cooktop need to form a triangle, with no more than 6 feet between each for ease of movement.


2. Make sure you’ve got LOTS of storage.

The most common mistake committed when planning for custom kitchens is not allowing enough storage. Make sure cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, instead of leaving space for dust to accumulate. Invest in custom drawers that allow easy access to stored pots and pans as well as in creating space for appliances so your kitchen wouldn’t look cluttered.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations
You can never go wrong with custom joinery and cabinetry. 


3. Don’t skimp on walls and flooring.

Your walls and flooring need to complement each other for custom kitchens to look great. This also includes other surfaces in the kitchen including countertops and benches.

As for the flooring, more than aesthetics, the key criteria for choosing should be durability and slip-resistance.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations 1
Don’t skimp on the quality of your walls and flooring; it’s better to pay a little extra for a low maintenance flooring that will last for years.


4. Plan for adequate lighting.

Often, overhead lighting is insufficient for kitchens. When remodelling, consider using wider windows for more natural light and installing lights so they are in front of you, not at the back casting shadows on the workspace. You would want a well-lit kitchen that makes it easier to cook even at night.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations 4
Create different levels of light: under-cabinet, inside cabinets, perhaps rope lighting on top of the cabinets.


5. Plan the placement of power outlets and lines.

Make sure you have ample electric and gas lines, as well as a sufficient number of power outlets that are strategically placed close to the appliances that will utilise them.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations 3
Use plug mold under your upper cabinets instead of having multiple outlets on the backsplash.


6. Opt for lots of counter space and surface when designing custom kitchens.

You can never have too much counter space, especially for families who often have busy kitchens when entertaining guests or simply preparing food for the day.

If you have an island or counters facing each other, make sure there is at least 4 feet of space between them.


7. Ensure proper ventilation within the kitchen.

Always go for a range hood that’s quiet, efficient, and vented outside. It’s ok to pay a little extra for a quiet exhaust that will allow you to cook in peace.

Some homeowners swear by restaurant-grade stovetops as they can last for a very long time for residential/personal use.

Contact Badel Kitchens for custom kitchens that provide the best value for your money. Enquire today and we’ll assist you with finding whatever it is you need while staying within your budget.

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Avoid These Costly Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where all meals are cooked and prepared—where guests and families congregate to swap recipes and stories over dinner or Sunday lunch. It is important to design your kitchen to be as spacious and welcoming as possible, and make sure it is conducive not just for cooking, but will also allow space for all the activity that’s going on.

Despite your good intentions, however, not all kitchen improvement projects end up well. Layout planning may be an issue, or the choice of paint colour, type of cabinetry, and furniture do not match. Here are some kitchen renovation tips and things you should avoid:

1. A bigger kitchen is not always better

1 A bigger kitchen is not always better
A carefully planned kitchen is often better than a haphazardly designed bigger one.

Almost every kitchen remodeller’s dream is to get a bigger kitchen. But bigger does necessarily mean better. If a professional advises you to improve your home’s entire floor to free up space for a bigger kitchen, take their advice with a grain of salt and try getting a second opinion from a different firm. Sometimes, a small but well-designed kitchen with high-quality materials and carefully planned details is enough. Remember to keep in mind the kitchen work triangle to manage the workflow and maximise the efficiency in the kitchen.

2. Skimping on storage and cabinets

2 Skimp on storage and cabinetry
Cheaper is definitely never better. Your kitchen storage should be durable enough to last your kitchen’s lifetime.
Investing in a strong and durable cabinet is a must for any kitchen. You’ll be opening and closing those drawers every day so they’ll be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Make sure you get hardwoods with a good finish and strong hinges to get the best value out of your remodelling efforts.

3. Relying too much on the design fad

3 Relying too much on the design fad
Green can veer towards trendy and seasonal. Balance it out with neutral colours to make it more timeless.
Fads always come and go. Because of this, trendy homes can easily become dated in just a few years. Be careful when allowing current trends to influence the design of your new kitchen. It is still more important for the kitchen to match the rest of the rooms in the house and reflect the personality and activity of the family or individuals living there. Opt instead for good space planning and timeless kitchen designs.

4. Getting distracted and going against the original design plan

4going against the original design plan
Stick to the plan. This will not only makes sure that the process of remodeling is smooth, it also ensures you stay within budget.
The key to a successful remodelling project is following a well-organised design plan. If you have already declared a budget, selected a colour theme, purchased materials and furnishings according to the said plan, follow it. Avoid getting distracted by “newer and shinier” kitchen gadgets and furnishings as well as kitchen layouts that seem to look more exciting that the one you planned. Stop second-guessing your initial choice and stick to it.

5. Trying to be your own designer despite lack of experience

5 Trying to be your own designer despite lack of experience
Designing your kitchen isn’t as easy as painting one colour and mixing it with the other.
Remodelling the kitchen, even if it’s one room, requires a good eye, creative design skills, and ability to produce layouts that consider the function of the kitchen and the flow of people around the house. This project is definitely time-consuming and complicated, and when done incorrectly, it could even be more costly than what is necessary. According to Denise Dick, a CMKBD and NKBA member in Carrollton, Texas. “Just like you go to a doctor specializing in a part of the body the specialist for that part of the home is the kitchen designer. We understand how it all fits together and why the parts are necessary. You’re going to do it right the first time with a designer.” Hiring a professional such as Badel may seem more expensive, but with the level of skill and experience they have, it will be worth it. They’ve had years of experience doing kitchen makeovers in Sydney and know the quickest yet most cost-effective solutions to every problem.

Kitchen remodelling is a huge and daunting task, but it is far from impossible. At the end of the day, it’s best to consult with professionals who can help you bring your ideas to life. Badel Kitchens & Joinery is the leading expert in kitchen makeovers in Sydney. Call us today and discuss your kitchen makeover.