16 Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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With these, you would spend less time organising, searching, and cleaning the kitchen and
have more time for cooking and eating.

1. Use magazine holders to create freezer shelves.

magazine holders

If your freezer is a mess and the frozen items are all over the place, you can use some magazine
holders to protect flat-shaped goods.


2. And to organise your bakeware and cutting boards.

bakeware and cutting boards The most common mistake committed in kitchen planning is not allowing enough storage. Make sure cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, instead of leaving space for dust to accumulate. Invest in custom drawers that allow easy access to stored pots and pans as well as in creating space for appliances so your kitchen wouldn’t look cluttered.


3. For utensils, you can try hanging them onto a rod.

small kitchen utensils hanger
Perfect for small kitchens, maximize the wall space by hanging up some utensils and cooking ladles
against the wall, so you can easily grab them while cooking and use the drawer space for something


4. Or hang them inside your cabinet.

inside cabinet hanger
Keep them organised by using a coat of chalkboard paint and labelling them accordingly.


5. Or use them to make an entire wall space stand out.

wall space stand
This is created using a pegboard, wood, some screws, and hooks. Check out the steps here at
Apartment Therapy.


6. Create a labeling system

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Label your jars and canisters to remove the guesswork and easily get the spices and ingredients you
need. You may also put labels on top of containers located inside the drawers.


7. Or save on paper and simply use chalkboard paint on the lids


8. Extend the shelf life of food in plastic bags and make them easier to store by covering them with the tops of water bottles.

Just like this.


9. Turn the spice containers into ref magnets.

And save space in the process.


10. As well as small canisters so they can save as pen and note holders to help you remember errands and recipes.

As well as small canisters so they can save as pen and note holders to help you remember errands
and recipes


11. Use rolling shelves to maximise cabinet space.

Rolling shelves are a great way to ensure every corner of the cabinet is maximised. Ask us about
building custom-designed cabinets for your kitchen here.


12. Or create new drawers using unopenable parts of the cabinet.

You can change the old design of your cabinets with our help. Our team can change your cabinets’
look and kitchen design to maximise space and improve function.


13. Lazy Susans are the best way to make use of awkward corners in cabinets and

They make everything really accessible.


14. A rolling cart can also give you extra storage.

A rolling cart can also give you extra storage.


15. Invest in kitchen renovation by adding a kitchen island.

If you have space and the budget, get your kitchen renovated to add an island that can serve
both as a place to eat or prepare food and provide more storage space.


16. Or better yet, have your cabinetry customised to fit your kitchen’s size and design.

You can get corner cabinets and top kitchen cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling for more

Need help with or renovating your kitchen designs? Contact our team today!