The Hidden Fees from Low Quality Kitchens

hidden fees from low quality kitchens

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When it comes to good kitchen designs in Sydney, cheaper is not always the route to go. Sure, you may be saving some money while undergoing your kitchen renovation but be careful about the hidden fees that come along with it!

We asked our best kitchen renovators in Sydney about the hidden fees that come with low quality renovations.


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One of the biggest issues home owners come across is the cost of maintenance. While opting for cheap alternatives to joinery and countertops may seem like a good idea, it often leads to higher upkeep down the line. Cabinetry and countertops are some of the most used features in any kitchen and are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Because of this, low quality fixtures may not stand the test of time and force you to either constantly maintain and fix it or may even lead to replacing it earlier than expected.

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Unutilised space

Nowadays, it’s common to turn to flat pack kitchens for an easy fix. The problem with this, however, is that the cabinetry has not been made to maximise the available space. Not only will this make your kitchen look cheap, but it will also mean giving up some valuable storage space.


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Decreased efficiency

With all the constant work done in the kitchen, the need for efficiency almost always trumps all other aspects. Opting to do a DIY kitchen renovation or hiring sub-par kitchen designers can mean misplaced positioning of the sink, refrigerator and range (i.e. the elements of the triangle of work.) When the triangle of work is not properly done, this could lead to kitchen traffic which could potentially spell more spills or even accidents for you.


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Limited warranty

The true test of any kitchen renovations is how it puts up down the line with the constant use it endures. Low quality kitchen renovations do not always come with a warranty or if it does, it’s greatly limited (when it comes to coverage or duration.) The money you might need to shell out to repair, replace or maintain it may amount to even more than the cost of the actual product, so you end up having to pay double down the line.


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Lower market value

The kitchen is the most popular selling point of any home. Because of this, it truly is worth investing on. Because of this, quality-made kitchens are oftentimes the clincher when it comes to making a sale and conversely, low quality kitchens have been found to be a deal-breaker.

Although budget kitchen makeovers may seem appealing at first, they may be hiding steep costs from sight. Choose kitchen designers you trust and discuss your options with them. Our dedicated team of experts can address any of your concerns. Give us a call to discuss your plans now.